15 Discount Codes Left For The July 4th CEU Celebration Sale!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Only 15 discount codes are left for the July 4th Sale! Remember, the sale will last until July 5th at 11:59pm PST or until the 47 original discount codes I activated are used up! They are first come first serve! If these are used up before midnight on July 5th, I will consider activating 10 more depending on how many requests I get. I will let everyone know!

Remember, all courses are 25% off! Simply use the code NP25 at checkout on EACH course to receive the 25% off. This code cannot be stacked on top of course bundles just FYI.

Most of you already know this, but we received our official ANCC credentials in May. What this means is that The Elite Nurse Practitioner can issue official CE credits as an organization. Therefore, all Elite NP courses now offer continuing education credits!

CE earned through Elite Nurse Practitioner courses are applicable to both the ANCC and AANP certification requirements in addition to all boards of nursing for your license renewals! Additionally, most of our clinical courses include pharmacology hours as you will need those hours for license renewal! Plus, all courses are tax deductible, and you can receive reimbursement for them from your employer (if you are employed)!

Not only are you going to earn CE, but you also are going to learn valuable skills that will help the nurse practitioner break free from the rat race. The mission at The Elite Nurse Practitioner is to educate and build a powerful group of nurse practitioners that truly understand their worth so they can live a life of professional and personal freedom and fulfillment.

Our courses teach you the clinical aspects of specialized care, the business aspects on how to start your own niche practice, and how to become financially free without the fluff you find in other courses!

It has been a pleasure in helping thousands of nurse practitioners over the past 3 years build professionally free lives. So many nurse practitioners have started their own practice in the last 3 years, and it brings me great joy to see how our profession continues to progress and move forward!

Remember, you are powerful! You are valuable! You are skilled! And you can break free from the shackles of the modern-day healthcare rat race. I have, and so have countless other nurse practitioners!

I also want to give everyone some updates on upcoming courses:

  1. We will be releasing 2 psychiatric courses in the next couple weeks! The first will be a clinical psychiatry course for the nurse practitioner. This will be an awesome clinical overview of general psych for the non-psych nurse practitioner and a solid review for the PMHNP! Additionally, we are finally releasing the “How to Start a Psychiatric Clinic Course” where we go over the business aspects of starting a psych practice, including telepsych! These courses will be sold separately, or you can bundle them together! Plus, they will have quite a bit of CE hours associated with them. I am so happy to finally be able to offer a psych-based course for my PMHNP sisters and brothers!
  2. We will finally be releasing our “Medicare Home Risk Assessment Course” in August! This will cover all the aspects on how to open a Medicare home risk assessment business or how to integrate it into your established practice. I am excited for this as many of you have been requesting this course!
  3. The Functional Medicine course is still in development, so I hope to have that out in October!
  4. I have partnered with an asset protection lawyer who is helping me develop the “Asset Protection Course” where we will discuss multiple strategies on how to protect your assets as a nurse practitioner. This will be a solid course for every nurse practitioner out there as we work in a high liability profession. I hope to have this out by September.
  5. Plus, we have many more in development!

Alright, I hope you enjoy the CE Celebration sale, but more importantly I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe July 4th weekend with your family and loved ones.

With love,

Justin Allan

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