2 Spots Left, But…

Announcement: There are only 2 spots left out of the original 14 seats for our special Lifetime Membership AND 12 course pass, but I suspect these will be gone within the next hour or two, so I will activate 2 more spots. This special lifetime offer will end today as the remaining seats will be filled. Act fast if you are interested in 12 courses and lifetime membership to our private membership!

To recap:

Big hello to my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers! Over the past few months, I have received multiple requests to open our Lifetime Access pass into our private membership, The Elite NP Inner Circle, which also includes 12 courses of your choice. This offer is usually only available once a year for a few days during Black Friday and we typically sell out of the limited seats then, which is why some folks have wanted to get early access to this limited offer.

With that said, I am pleased to announce a very limited enrollment into our Special Elite NP Inner Lifetime Access program which includes whichever 12 courses you would like! You can pick those 12 courses whenever you want over the next year and they can be from any current or future courses we have. Additionally, the virtual option for our first Elite NP conference can be used as one of the courses! Quick disclaimer on this though: the Foundational Functional Medicine course will count as 3 courses since it is a 20+ hour long course.

This special deal is really for the nurse practitioner who is looking to obtain a plethora of valuable and actionable knowledge through our courses, get A LOT of CE hours, and join a private VETTED membership group that is hosted on the Elite NP website. The membership also includes monthly Q&A calls with myself and the group, a private podcast that I do, and a private message board outside of Facebook to ask your questions that I personally answer.

This special offer will only be available over the next 8 days or until all 14 slots are taken! Typically, on Black Friday we open 20 seats for this lifetime pass, and it sells out in just a few days. This offer won’t be available again until Black Friday, so be sure to take advantage of this if you are looking to obtain 12 courses and join the Elite NP Inner Circle for life!

The retail value for this deal is over $10,000 and I am offering it to 14 nurse practitioners for only $3,497 (TAX WRITE OFF!). This is a tremendous value when you consider the value of the courses, the CEU, and the lifetime membership pass. Please click the link below to learn more and to sign up before the seats fill up! Thanks, and I hope to see everyone in October for the inaugural Elite NP conference!

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