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23 Codes Left On The 25% Off Memorial Day Weekend Sale For ALL Courses!

Announcement: There are only 23 25% coupon codes left for the Elite NP 25% off Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Simply use the code NP25 at checkout on whichever course you want. Remember, these codes are first come, first serve, so snatch up a course before the coupon codes are used up or before the sale ends on May 30th at 11:59pm PST – whichever comes first! Last year the codes were used up before the sale was over, so use your code today!

To recap the sale:

To show my appreciation and love for the nurse practitioner community as I do every year during Memorial Day, I am pleased to announce that all The Elite Nurse Practitioner courses are 25% off until May 30th at 11:59pm PST! You can purchase one or purchase them all, you decide. Be aware though, that you cannot apply this discount to course bundles as those already provide a significant discount.

The sale will be for the entire Memorial Day Weekend and starts RIGHT NOW! Act fast though, I have only activated 60 25% off coupon codes. These codes are first come first serve.

Use the coupon code NP25 at checkout on whichever course you want for the 25% off! You need to use the code on EACH course you would like at checkout.

And remember, every course provides official CE hours that you need to have for your license and certification renewals. PLUS, you will learn valuable AND actionable knowledge and skills that can be applied to your practice vs. some fluff filled boring CE! If you own a practice or are wanting to start your own practice, these courses will also increase your revenue and ultimately your income!

Listen guys, every single one of you has the power and ability to start a part-time niche side practice. The only thing stopping you is the fear present in your mind! Once you can break free from these limiting beliefs, then you can create the nurse practitioner life who have always dreamed about! Remember, you MUST take action! Action leads to more action which will bring you one step closer to professional freedom and breaking free from the modern day healthcare rat race!

I also wanted to give everyone a heads-up on some upcoming courses over the next 3-6 months! We are FINALLY releasing a few courses that many of you have been requesting:

The Functional Medicine Advanced Gut Health Course (Coming out in a week or two and is one of many advanced functional medicine courses planned for this year as we build out the only NP-specific functional medicine program!)

The Fertility Clinic Course (FINALLY! This should be out in July)

The Advanced Women’s Health Course

The Advanced Peptide and Anti-Aging Therapeutics Course (This will be version 2 of our peptide course but we are going to include all kinds of interesting anti-aging therapeutics in it as well!)

The Neurology for the NP Course

And many more! We have over a dozen courses in development to help you succeed!

So, snatch up a course or two until the sale ends on May 30th!

God Bless, and I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend with their loved ones!

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