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35% Off On The Optimantra EMR For Elite NP Members!

After some negotiation with the EMR company Optimantra, The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce a significant discount for nurse practitioners looking for an EMR! I have been able to get the cost of the EMR down by 35% for all The Elite Nurse Practitioner readership!

Optimantra is a very solid NICHE SERVICE specific electronic medical record. It includes premade templates for IV infusion and other niche services. I am actually going through the process of transitioning over my men’s health clinic to it just because it is tailored for the niche service practice. It is a highly customizable EMR and includes practice management software within it. It is tailored for the niche cash practice, but you can also bill insurance through it if you choose to go down that route.

Some top features I like about Optimantra are that it has telemedicine features built into it, eRX capabilities, and integrates with multiple other third-party vendors such as Access Medical Labs for those that use the Elite NP discount lab rates! Other cool features include an integrated point of sale system, inventory management, lab ordering/resulting, patient portal, and more! Additionally, they will help migrate your data from your current EMR and also help you setup your visit templates! If you have purchased any Elite NP courses, simply give them the included intake/visit forms and they can create those in the EMR for you!

Regardless of all the features, I have been able to get us a 35% discount! The monthly price is only $99 a month for the base EMR (without eRX), but now you can get it for just $65 a month for the first 3 months, and then it will go up to $75 a month after that. You seriously cannot beat the price for what you get with this EMR. Be aware though, the eRX feature is another $30 a month, so with the discount you have essentially obtained a free eRX feature when you add it all together! Unbelievable for a total cost of around $100 a month! I really feel this could streamline many of your practices! I think it will for mine because now I do not need to use separate applications for various processes within my practice (eRX, EMR, point of sale, etc.).

If you want to take advantage of this, all you need to do is simply use the code ELITENP21 when you are scheduling your demo in the “Promo-Code” box. That is it!

Go to the following link to check out the EMR and sign up for your demo if you believe it would benefit your practice or to simply save a few extra dollars! https://www.optimantra.com/index.html

Also, here is a YouTube video of the EMRs feature and workflow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8Ml2KeYn38

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  1. Hello!
    I just found your amazing site and all your excellent resources as I was researching to purchase a trial for OptiMantra EMR. I am a Canadian NP and I have been a independently practicing NP since 2007. I will def use your amazing discount code and I am am also going to purchase your e book on marketing. Thank you for being here online for us and I can’t wait to get into your amazing resources! I will pass along this site to my students.

    Kind Regards!


  2. hello! Is paper charting still allowable for mobile practices? Where do we fall within the scope of the mandated EHR practice that went into effect for large offices?

  3. Do you feel, for something like weight management and prescribing Tirzepatide and semaglutide, that having an EMR system is a must? you certainly want to be able to track your patients. I am just wondering if simple online intake form is enough to begin. with the intention to eventually look into EMR system

  4. Hi Justin,

    Can you recommend an EMR that supports both cosmetic dermatology/aesthetics and primary care at the same time. Have you come across any other NP’s with hybrid business that uses and EMR that supports both or has the option to load a cosmetic dermatology into the general medical platform. It seems it’s either one or the other. You get an EMR, that has great support for cosmetic dermatology and Aesthetics . But not so much when it comes to Primary Care services.

  5. Hey Justin,
    You had mentioned in your telehealth module that you were using SimplePractice. Are you moving to this from SimplePractice?

    1. No, I am stillm using Simple Practice. I just didnt want to transfer everything over. If I was starting from scratch I would go with Optimantra

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