“You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.”

64 Hours Left On The Discounted Price For The “How to Start a Telemedicine Practice” Course!

The discounted price of $197 ends in 64 hours on April 13th at midnight EST! After that, the price will go up to $247 indefinitely.

I have received DOZENS of emails from my readers who have purchased the course. Thank you for all the positive feedback and reviews. I am so thankful everyone is finding significant value out of this! One reader commented that all the information in the course would have taken over a month of personal research to learn and another stated this is everything she was wanting to know for her telemedicine start up. Thank you!

Remember, I have decided to include 2 PDF bonuses with this course! The first one is a nifty checklist for EVERYTHING you need to start a telemedicine specific business. This checklist guides you step by step on everything necessary to start that telemedicine practice! The second bonus is a social media marketing flow chart that will help you market your telemedicine practice effectively on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Telemedicine is the wave of the future! After this COVID pandemic is over, millions of patients will be flocking to telemedicine. NOW is the time to act if you are serious about starting a side practice.

The course discusses the risks, legal and business aspects of telemedicine, step by step instruction on how to start a successful practice, and all the consent forms you need to get started! This course will teach a nurse practitioner who has no experience with starting a business or practicing via telemedicine how to create a telemedicine practice. Even if you already have a practice and just want to know how to integrate telemedicine into it, this course is for you! This course provides EVERYTHING you need to build a telemedicine practice from the ground floor.

Telemedicine is a great side business for a nurse practitioner to start for 3 main reasons:

1. It is very cheap to start. It has practically no overhead outside of marketing! You can start a telemedicine practice for less than $1,000.

2. You can provide care to entire states, not just your local area.

3. You can practice in multiple full practice authority states even if you live in a restrictive state! That’s right!

If you are looking to start a side practice that costs very little, or you are sick of working in a restricted state and want to break free, you need to seriously consider opening a telemedicine practice! I am glad I did, and so are countless other providers.

5 Responses

    1. For practice authority yes. As a PA, you need a supervisor, therefore, if you have that, the principles for everything else are exactly the same. Telemedicine is telemedicine. Marketing is marketing. Medical services are medical services. It would benefit you still.

  1. Why am I just seeing this? 🙁
    Can you please apply this discount a few times again at least until covid-19 is over? I plan on purchasing multiple courses.

  2. I recently was invited to join this group by a prior member. I am now hooked on reading the previous postings for hours every day. I am interested in purchasing the course on startup oh
    of Telemedicine Practice. It was released on my birthday April 7th. Please let me purchase it at your discounted price of $197 instead of the current price of $247
    Thank You.

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