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"You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others."

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Greetings. My name is Justin Allan. I have been practicing as an MSN prepared Nurse Practitioner for 7 years in a variety of settings.

In just 7 years I have increased my personal income to well over $450k a year. How did I do this? Through starting multiple side businesses and implementing the principles of The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model into my life!

I created the Elite Nurse Practitioner with one goal in mind: to help form an elite group of nurse practitioners who make what they deserve and are in control of their professional and personal lives.

This is not a care bear blog filled with a bunch of non-sense nursing theory, non-practical BS advice from educators and administrators, and how to get in touch with your inner being. This is a blog for those out there that want to take control of their lives and have professional FREEDOM through practical real world actionable advice.

You might not like or agree with what I have to say. That is fine. But what I am going to show you is the cold hard truth on how to get results in the real world. It works for me, students I have precepted, multiple other successful entrepreneurs I have consulted with, and the hundreds of nurse practitioners who have took my courses.

No more crap pay for equal work.

No more being told what to do because some pencil pusher thinks it’s what you “should” do.

No more physicians dictating your life: telling you how to practice, offloading all the work they don’t want to do onto you, being an asshole to you for no reason and treating you like you are an inferior medical provider.

You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.

It is time to become one of the Elite Nurse Practitioners!

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Justin Allan, MSN FNP

Justin holds a BS in biology, a BSN, and an MSN. He is a practicing FNP and member of the AANP. He has worked in multiple practice settings including urgent care, emergency medicine, addiction medicine, family practice, and men’s health. He is the owner and author of The Elite Nurse Practitioner.

“I have been practicing as an FNP for 7 years in multiple different settings all over the country. One thing I have learned is that nurse practitioners do not fully utilize their true power. Well, I am here to change that! I am dedicated to help nurse practitioners break free from the shackles of modern healthcare.

I own multiple successful practices and businesses as a nurse practitioner. I have learned through trial and error and I want to share my knowledge with the nurse practitioner community.

You can be a financially, professionally, and personally free medical provider. I am here to help create a new group of nurse practitioners who can finally build the life they desire. This is why I created The Elite Nurse Practitioner and all its content!”

76 thoughts on “The Elite Nurse Practitioner

  1. I love you already! Yessssssssss! You speaking truth. Please reach out to me. I’m all about getting this paper out here and for ppl that are willing to teach others and not sugar coat with a bunch of bs lies, is the person I want to follow.

  2. Nice! I’m eager to learn. Do share tips on services, model and business plan if you will. Are you in full-practice state?
    Thanks for doing this!

    1. Full practice state yes. It is the only way to practice. I moved out of a very restrictive state. Best decision I ever made.

  3. I am in Florida and interested in becoming my own boss! I want to be independent and profitable and would love information on how to do so.

      1. What kind of business are you looking to start? I am definitely interested in getting connected. I am in the SE Orlando area

  4. Would love to hear more information! I’m an FNP been in urgent care setting for almost 2 years and feeling so burnt out, can’t find a job in the acute care setting and I’m so exhausted trying. I would like to eventually start my own clinic/business but have no clue on how or where to start. You make it sound easy and simple, and that’s why I’m seeking your help! Thank you for sharing

    1. Yes Melanie, it is exhausting and frustrating to look for a good job to no avail. The only way to break free is to start your own business. You have a powerful skill that the majority of the population does not have: The ability to diagnose and prescribe. Utilize that skill and privilege. So many business minded individuals would love to have that power.

  5. I just finished my DNP in FNP and currently doing my certification in Acute Care. I am very business conscious. Have multiple ideas for private business, one of them is wound care, Sabaxone treatment center with hope to one day open my extended hours primary care clinic. I resides in Michigan.

    1. Best of luck. Wound care and Suboxone can be very lucrative. My piece of advise for you is to just jump into it. You gotta pull the trigger.

  6. Desperately searching for a change and freedom. I live in a full practice authority state. Taking the free burprenorpjine class given by the AANP online. Tell me more please.

    1. We would love to have you join! Please comment and discuss on the articles. I will be launching a forum sometime in the near future.

  7. I think you are the first source that doesn’t BS us with fluff and nonsense. Getting ahead as an NP is hard work.
    Say on Brother!!!

    1. Thanks Carol! There is a lot of total garbage fluff that is out there in nursing. It is hard work. Physicians have it made. We have to put in the extra work to elevate ourselves to those income levels. It can be done!

  8. I read one of your post and felt you have the audacity to tell me to stop whining and start thinking outside of the box. YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Going rate for a collaborator is 1000.00 a month. Can’t do it, Won’t do it. Waiting on my license for a full practice state. Business formed. Accounts open ready to order supplies. You are exactly what I needed! Thanks

    1. $1k a month? F*ck that! For doing what? Signing off on a few charts? Not worth it. Get on it Jacqueline! Get multiple licenses and start hustling hard. The money is there. You just need patience and the willpower to do it! Keep me updated!

  9. I love everything you said! I literally say this everyday! Please help me and hopefully I can help you too! I have just subscribed! Thank you for creating this website!!

    1. Thanks Roshini! You are welcome, I hope I can reach out to those nurse practitioners who are just sick of it. If I help one NP get out from under the bullshit and really create a successful life, then it was totally worth it!

  10. You are my hero! Please be my mentor. That was the greatest thing I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to read all your articles!

  11. Thank you for doing this. It could not have come at a better time. I am an FNP that works for a surgical service. I’m tired of shift work and making lots of money for the hospital and surgeons. I work in a restrictive state and not in the position to move. I would be interested in some help to get moving in the right direction.

    1. I do offer consultations for 1 one 1 support if you need direction or assistance creating a business. I have been there Kim, working long shifts enriching others… It is demoralizing after a while. Even if you are in a restrictive state, you still have options like telemedicine or finding a collaborator.

      1. I currently work in pain management as an Adult NP. The physician pays me $125.00 per hour. His practice is strictly cash. During the holiday break the staff scheduled 60 patients for myself and the MD, ,, he made 24,000.00 dollars in 8 hours. And of course I was paid $125.00/h for a 10 hour shift. Yes I definitely need to start my own business.

        1. Yep… Welcome to being nickel and dimed. You made that guy a small fortune in one day. You were reimbursed well but still, you produced a significant profit. You know the game, start your own practice and make that kind of money. It can be done, I promise you it can. Be careful, cash opioid clinics can raise red flags if that is what you are doing.

  12. I was lucky and had a good preceptor at a rural healthcare clinic. He gave me all the info I needed about starting a rural healthcare clinic. I did my 2.5 years as a Hospitalist and working in a private clinic in a rural community. A lot of leg work and hiring the right office manager I was able to open my own clinic after just 3 years of experience as a FNP. I’ve been open now for 4 months and the practice is starting to pick up. Being my own boss is wonderful. Can’t wait to read your story. I just logged on to the blog.

    1. Awesome Matt! I love to hear these stories. Shoot me an email through the consulting tab. I would love to post an interview about your story.

  13. Love your insight- love to learn more- shoot me an email how to proceed. Want to work part-time(weekend/after hours/ SNF rounder) as ARNP to keep my skills fresh and current.

  14. Hi Justin,
    I am finishing my FNP in December and plan to get a post masters in psych NP starting next summer. We live in a restricted state, but my hubby is willing to move so I can eventually practice in a free practice state. I am interested in many areas including psych & addiction, but was thinking the psych would help me get more telemedicine?

    1. I think it would benefit you tremendously for telemedicine, especially for addiction treatment. A hybrid primary care/psych practice would be great with the right niche!

  15. Sounds great and I’m ready, do u have a step by step recommendation for getting a small office open and going? I already have a supervising physician and idea (especially in these difficult times).

  16. Justin,

    What guarantees do you offer on the purchase of your courses? If other words, if I am not satisfied with what I spent, is it refundable?

  17. Justin, I saw that you granted a preview to an above participant. Would you extend that same offer to me regarding the testosterone replacement course?

  18. First of all, I’d like to say my interactions with you have been immensely inspiring. Secondly, I am so motivated to start hustling and acquiring that financial freedom that I’ve been wanting for sooo long!
    Can’t wait to start my course!

    1. It has been a pleasure talking with you over email Anuraj! Thank you for the kind words. I hope the information on The Elite NP helps ignite that spark to get out there and create your own practice!

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