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Greetings. My name is Justin Allan. I have been practicing as an MSN prepared Nurse Practitioner for 8 years in a variety of settings.

In just the last 3 years, I have increased my personal income to well over $450k a year. How did I do this? Through starting multiple side businesses and implementing the principles of The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model into my life!

I created the Elite Nurse Practitioner with one goal in mind: to help form an elite group of nurse practitioners who make what they deserve and are in control of their professional and personal lives.

This is not a care bear blog filled with a bunch of non-sense nursing theory, non-practical BS advice from educators and administrators, and how to get in touch with your inner being. This is a blog for those nurse practitioners out there that want to take control of their lives and have professional FREEDOM through practical real world actionable advice and content.

You might not like or agree with what I have to say. That is fine. But what I am going to show you is the cold hard truth on how to get results in the real world. It works for me, students I have precepted, multiple other successful entrepreneurs I have consulted with, and the THOUSANDS of nurse practitioners who have took Elite Nurse Practitioner courses.

Listen, its time for:

No more crap pay for equal work.

No more being told what to do because some pencil pusher thinks it’s what you “should” do.

No more physicians dictating your life: telling you how to practice, offloading all the work they don’t want to do onto you, being an asshole to you for no reason and treating you like you are an inferior medical provider.

You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless other nurse practitioners.

It is time for YOU to become one of the Elite Nurse Practitioners!

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Justin Allan, MSN FNP

Justin holds a BS in biology, a BSN, and an MSN. He is a practicing FNP and member of the AANP. He has worked in multiple practice settings including urgent care, emergency medicine, addiction medicine, family practice, and men’s health. He is the owner and author of The Elite Nurse Practitioner.

“I have been practicing as an FNP for 8 years in multiple different settings all over the country. One thing I have learned is that nurse practitioners do not fully utilize their true power. Well, I am here to change that! I am dedicated to help nurse practitioners break free from the shackles of modern healthcare. My mission is to help create a group of nurse practitioners that are wealthy, powerful, and professionally fulfilled.

I own multiple successful practices and businesses as a nurse practitioner. I have learned through trial and error and I want to share my knowledge with the nurse practitioner community.

You can be a financially, professionally, and personally free medical provider. I am here to help create a new group of nurse practitioners who can finally build the life they desire. This is why I created The Elite Nurse Practitioner and all its content!

If I can do it, you can do it as well! I will be here for every step of the way in your journey to freedom.”

The Elite Nurse Practitioner is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. 

Justin's Journey (Timeline)

Justin Allan MSN FNP went from a slave to the healthcare system to a fully independent nurse practitioner entrepreneur in just 3 years.

“If I can do it, and the other countless nurse practitioners who have taken my courses can do it, then so can you!”

The Graduation

Justin Allan graduates with his MSN-FNP in May of 2013 and begins working in an urgent care within 1 month of graduating.


Emergency Department

Continues to work in an urgent care but transfers to an emergency department to expand skill set.


Back to Urgent Care

Realizes there is a ceiling in the emergency department setting and transfers back to an urgent care for a more lucrative production-based compensation model.


The Relocation

Justin Allan becomes sick of working in a restrictive state and wants to open his own practice. He decides to apply to an urgent care job in an independent state and relocates across the country so he can pursue nurse practitioner entrepreneurship and be free.


Added Income Stream

Starts a part-time insurance accepting opioid addiction practice and continues to work in the urgent care setting.


Cash Based Services

Realizes the insurance model is restrictive to practice and decides to pursue cash-based businesses while continuing to work in the urgent care setting. Justin Allan decides to start a medical cannabis clinic early in the year and steps away from his opioid addiction practice (even though it was growing).


The Entrepreneurial Bug

Justin Allan catches the entrepreneurial bug and opens his men’s health clinic.

Late 2018

More Expansion

The men’s health clinic continues to flourish, and Justin decides to open a transgender HRT telemedicine practice that explodes in growth. He ends up selling the telemedicine practice 11 months after starting it. He continues to work urgent care but in a part-time capacity while building his medical cannabis clinic and men’s health practice. He picks up shifts at a local methadone clinic running their Suboxone practice to supplement income into his businesses as they grow.


The Elite Nurse Practitioner

Justin Allan decides that he wants to share his experiences, success, and The Elite NP Model with the nurse practitioner community and starts The Elite Nurse Practitioner.

Late 2019

The Elite NP Model Created

Justin continues to work part-time at the urgent care and works day and night growing his men’s health practice and The Elite Nurse Practitioner. He releases his first book “The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model” in January of 2020. Later in 2020, Justin opens his second men’s health practice while continuing to produce courses and content for the nurse practitioner community.


Total Financial Freedom

The men’s health practices surpass the $50,000 a month revenue mark and continue to grow exponentially. He hires 2 other nurse practitioners to help see patients. Justin continues to work on The Elite Nurse Practitioner helping thousands of nurse practitioners build successful practices. Justin Allan eventually drops to PRN status at the urgent care and becomes a totally self-sufficient nurse practitioner.


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