“You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.”

Action Leads to Action. Inaction Leads to Inaction.

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I want you to engrain the title of this article into your brain. Therefore, repeat that phrase in your mind 4 times before continuing with this article. Here, I will help:

Action leads to action. Inaction leads to inaction.

Action leads to action. Inaction leads to inaction.

Action leads to action. Inaction leads to inaction.

Action leads to action. Inaction leads to inaction.

This concept is CRITICALLY important for any nurse practitioner who wants to be outside of the norm, for the nurse practitioner who wants to be elite, and especially for the nurse practitioner entrepreneur.

For you to succeed and truly build a wealthy life, not only financially but personally, you must not be idle. Action leads to more action. That action then leads to even more action and before you know it, your productivity will have built a life unimaginable to the majority of people in this country. Most people are idle… Their inactivity leads to MORE inactivity, and the vicious cycle of procrastination, laziness, poverty, and being mediocre at best continues. Screw that… I want to live an UNCOMMON life.

I want a life where I can do whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want. I want to take a week off when I feel like it. I want to be able to take my children camping or to the beach at the drop of a dime. I want to be able to purchase anything I want because I can. I want to be able to CHOOSE what I do with my time. And the way you get here my friends is by taking ACTION.

Far too many of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers NEVER take action. They get stuck in analysis paralysis forever. They take courses. They read articles. They create elaborate business plans (which are a waste of time IMO). Yet, they never do anything with the knowledge… They never take action.

Is it because of limiting beliefs?

Is it because of fear?

Or is it simply because they have so much inaction in their life, that they continue to be idle? They freeze when ACTION is needed?

I suspect it is a combination of all 3 of the above.

Overcoming limiting beliefs is simple once you realize that the beliefs are nothing but a figment of your imagination.

Overcoming your fear is easy once you realize there is little to actually fear… What is the worst thing that could happen if your new business failed? You go back to work as an RN and make $75,000 a year? That is the worst case realistic scenario…

Overcoming inaction though can be difficult, and here is why:

Those that never take action, will never take action. Inaction leads to more inaction. You get stuck!

But listen, ALL it takes is to just start that one small fire. To just ignite that one SPARK to begin the process of action.

This spark is not taking a course.

This spark is not reading a book.

This spark is not reading hundreds of articles “preparing” yourself for the future.

This spark is not creating a business plan.


This spark is creating something TANGIBLE that you can see and hold in your hands.

This spark is simply taking ACTION. Once you take action, then a cascading effect of action will occur.

Once you sign the lease for your new weight loss clinic, YOU HAVE TAKEN ACTION.

Once you get you website finished, YOU HAVE TAKEN ACTION.

Once you order all the supplies needed for your IV-Infusion clinic, YOU HAVE TAKEN ACTION.

Once you take action, it leads to more and more action. All it takes is just doing that initial ACTION.

Therefore, if you are stuck in perpetual analysis paralysis hell, I want you to do ONE thing that brings you closer to actually accomplishing the goal in your mind. This goal could be anything from starting your own niche practice or looking for a job that pays you what you are worth. You must do ONE thing that brings you closer to that goal.

Personally, I think you should do the SCARIEST and RISKIEST task that brings you closer to that goal. Because once you overcome that hardest hurdle, everything else is easy. That one action will lead you to taking more and more action. This action for starting your own business is SIGNING A LEASE for a new office…

I still remember to this day signing the lease to my first office. I am not going to lie; I was scared shitless… What if the business failed?! Oh no! I would be responsible for the lease for an entire year! I WILL GO BANKRUPT! I had so many irrational fears and thoughts going through my mind.

How did I overcome this ridiculous and irrational fear? I just said “F” it and signed the lease. That SINGLE action literally has built every business I own today. THINK ABOUT THAT! All it took was ONE ACTION to build everything I have. The avalanche of actions has never stopped since… I did write this article, didn’t I?

If you are underpaid and sick of enriching others, but don’t want to start your own business, then the SINGLE action you can take is to begin APPLYING to other jobs and INTERVIEWING. This will then lead to more and more action until you finally earn what you are worth.

If you are wanting to invest in real estate but spend all your time scrolling through Zillow every day yet you never do anything, then you are PARALYZED by the fear of owning rental real estate and you are being INACTIVE. What is the riskiest and scariest thing you could do to break out of this rut? BUY A RENTAL! Seriously, that single action will lead to more and more real estate investing. I still remember buying my first rental… I just said “F” it and made an offer. They accepted… Oh crap! Now I am committed. Then when I showed up to closing, I said “F” it again and signed the closing documents. I continued to take action, and now I own a multiple properties. If I never had originally taken action and made that first offer, I would probably STILL not have any rental properties…

You MUST begin taking action if you want to break out of the rat race.

You MUST take action if you are still puttering around about starting your own practice.

Your inaction is leading to more and more inaction. The only way to stop this cycle is by pulling the trigger and GOING.

So, I want every single one of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers to go into 2022 with a plan on how they are going to take ACTION starting January 2nd (I will let the 1st slide as you might be hungover). Pick one RISKY action you can take to start the cascade of living an ACTION packed 2022. Remember, all it takes is to just light that initial spark to get going! You will never look back! I promise 🙂

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  1. Justin!!! This!! I needed that kick in the butt! Thank you! I love your no nonsense approach. I started moving but was starting to fizzle by way of distractions that didn’t feed into my vision. I’m seeing even more clearly that for how I envision my life, “Action” needs to be my nickname!

    Thanks again! Happy Holidays!

    1. You are very welcome 🙂 Do not let bullshit distractions prevent you from taking action. Seriously, just pull the trigger and get going! We are only getting older and time is NOT on our side.

  2. Your message SPOKE to me. I make excuses! What if my husband has to move and I will have shut down the clinic. I’m being super picky about the building! I am waiting for the PERFECT time!! The perfect amount of information! I finished my website but I haven’t made it public!!! Why?! I should just do it!! Also, January 2nd is my birthday!!!

    1. Then make your birthday a day where you take action and START! Listen, you will NEVER be 100% ready when it comes to starting a business. NO ONE is 100% ready because you cannot predict what will happen. Just pick a place, launch the website, and get going! You will figure out the small details along the way. You Are Ready Even if You Think You Are Not

    1. 100% correct. Taking action is worth it once you stand back and see what all the actions you have taken have built. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Went to look at a rental my husband found (have been looking here and there for a long while -inaction) it was a great price (I figured it would be a crappy place for the price, but agreed to look anyway) and it was a great space! My husband said, if we don’t put a deposit down now, it will be gone.
    I’ve been looking a little more seriously lately because one thing holding me back is that I thought it would be too much work, but I am working ALL THE TIME now–for someone else. I called a friend that lived down the street to come look at the space. I asked her if she thought the universe was sending me a message that it’s time to quit my current job and she said, “I think the universe is telling you if you don’t do it you are an idiot.”
    She said jump on in, do it. I said I’m more of a dip your toes in kinda gal, but “F” it, I guess we are doing this! I gave notice at work and we sign the lease Monday!

    1. Good for you Felisha!!! You just have to say “F” sometimes and dive right in. You will not regret these decisions. Trust me on that. When you look back in 5 years you will wonder why the hell you were working for someone else to begin with. Congrats on taking the plunge! I wish you the best of luck!

  4. My husband is pushing me to take the plunge and open my own practice but I am a new NP and it is scary!!!!! I am so glad I found this group. It is exactly the pep talk I need to push me closer to being my own boss. (Still not quite there yet)

    1. Even as a new grad, you can do this! Starting a niche service practice is very easy and low liability. We explain this in the courses and give you step by step instructions on how to do it. It really is easier than you think 😉

  5. THIS!! (insert hand clap emoji x 1000) I have been talking about a hangover infusion business since before COVID. Found your IV course and signed up, then learned what other beneficial IV infusions there are to create an entire business. Currently working to open in April (2 months…eeek!) and I’m so nervous BUT I don’t want to live with regrets so we are taking ACTION. Seriously can not thank you enough for all of this ground work you have done for all of us in the profession. One day I’d love to pick your brain!!! Happy new year!! (even though I’m late to this post lol)

    1. You are very welcome Kayla! Exactly, take action and never look back. Always feel free to reach out with any questions 🙂

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