Announcing The Advanced Clinical Peptide Therapy Course!

Advanced Clinical Course

I have come to a realization over the past year that many nurse practitioners do not even know about the existence of peptide therapy… and this is something that every nurse practitioner should know about! For this reason, I have partnered with Justin Groce, NP, in developing an advanced course that discusses clinical peptide treatment.

Peptides are nothing more than a sequence of amino acids that illicit a response in the body. Most of these peptides mimic a stimulating hormone, thus increasing the bodies natural production of a hormone, such as growth hormone.

Many providers across the country have been utilizing peptides over the past 20 years. Do you know why? Because they work! Peptides are an alternative treatment option to help improve the quality of your patients lives.

They can be utilized for an assortment of conditions/diseases where mainstream medicine fails to provide results. They also decrease healing times from surgery/injuries, increase lean muscle mass, accelerate weight loss, improve skin quality, improve cognition and have been used by anti-aging clinics for years.

I have been utilizing various peptides in my men’s health clinic with tremendous success. They help my patients decrease their recovery times and improve their quality of life. I have also personally used them to decrease my body fat, improve my recovery times, and assist in healing old nagging injuries. I love them, and my patients love them even more.

Peptides carry a favorable safety profile and have few side effects as well. The side effects patients can experience are typically transient in nature and resolve after a few days.

From a practice management standpoint, peptides are also a great revenue source for your practice! This adjunctive therapy has the ability to increase your practices revenue by multiple thousands of dollars a month. My men’s health clinic routinely generates $3,000-$5,000 in revenue monthly from peptides alone. The best part? It is a cash service, so you can skip the pre-authorization headaches from insurance companies.

These are the main reasons you should seriously consider integrating peptides into your practice!

You could also open a peptide specific clinic! One of the best parts about peptides is that they are not controlled substances, therefore they could be utilized via telemedicine without an issue!

This course will go over various peptides that increase endogenous production of growth hormone and others that treat a variety of conditions including erectile dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, psoriasis, interstitial cystitis and more. If you have a wellness, HRT, men’s health, weight loss or even a primary care practice, this course will benefit your clinical practice.

Since peptide treatment could also increase your practices revenue, the course will also cover the practice management component of integrating peptides into your practice, such as ordering, marketing etc.

This course will teach you:

  • What peptides are and how they are used.
  • What types of practices could benefit from peptide therapy.
  • The legal aspects of peptide therapy.
  • The physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology of peptide therapy.
  • The clinical practice of growth hormone peptides including:
    • Sermorelin
    • CJC1295
    • Ipamorelin
    • Ibutamoren
  • The clinical practice of peptides used for wellness purposes including:
    • Thymosin Alpha 1
    • Thymosin Beta 4
    • BPC-157
    • PT-141
    • KPV
    • Pentosan Polysulfate
  • How to identify the right patient for peptide therapy.
  • Side effects to be aware of.
  • How to manage adverse effects.
  • How to monitor treatment and laboratory parameters.
  • How to utilize informed consent.
  • Where to order peptides from.
  • How to price peptide treatment.
  • How to integrate peptide therapy into your marketing campaign.
  • And more!

There are over 2 hours of video content where Justin Groce, NP and myself go over a 97-slide presentation in detail. You will have unlimited access to this course indefinitely! There will also be an audio format for you to download/listen to so you can learn on the go.

This course includes topics such as dosing recommendations, links to suppliers, pricing suggestions, and also includes the informed consent form for peptide therapy. This course includes EVERYTHING you will need to integrate clinical peptide treatment into your practice! You could start as soon as you finish the course! It is simple!

This course will go on sale starting July 27th at midnight EST! The course will be available for $187 for 5 days only, and then the price will increase to $229 indefinitely. This is a great deal for those that are wanting to learn and integrate a new service line into their practice and generate extra revenue while helping your patients achieve a better quality of life!

If you are looking for an alternative treatment option for your patients, to increase your practices revenue, and increase your overall clinical knowledge, then this will be a valuable course for you to enroll in and take!

Put July 27th on your calendar and bookmark the link below if would like to begin integrating peptide therapy into your practice!

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  1. Are you still offering courses on peptide therapy for nurse practitioners? I am opening an aesthetic and wellness practice. Thank you!

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