Announcing The Elite NP Stem Cell Mastermind Group.

Stem Cell Group

The Stem Cell and Regenerative Injection Clinic course is going to be released May 26th at midnight EST! Remember, you will have unlimited access to this course and its material indefinitely. The link to purchase the course is here. I want to put something special together with this course though. Stem cell injections have the capability of producing significant profits for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur, therefore, there is a lot of opportunity with this niche side practice. Because of this, I have developed a mastermind group for the individuals who purchase this course.

In collaboration with Brent Messer and Alex Spinoso MD, who are both co-owners of CellSpark and Genesis Lifestyle (successful stem cell and regenerative medicine clinics), we are proud to announce The Elite NP Stem Cell Mastermind Group. This group is going to have the sole purpose of assisting each other with creating successful and profitable regenerative medicine clinics. This small group of like minded entrepreneurs will be able to brainstorm on new ideas, work together on finding better pricing on products, discuss which marketing techniques are hot, help with clinical questions, and much more I am sure! I have never created a mastermind group, so this should be a very fun experience for everyone involved!

This group will be by invitation only to those who purchase the course. Every member will be responsible for understanding the basics of this practice before engaging in conversation. I am hoping some partnerships might blossom and friends be made out of this group.

I am also actively working on obtaining discount pricing on the stem cell products with various labs that will strictly be available to members of the group only! I am hoping to have worked out a lower rate on the products in the next 3-4 weeks. This should save everyone $100-$300 on the cost of each injection, which is a HUGE savings and will increases everyone’s profit margin significantly.

I am very excited to partner with Brent and Alex (Oliver is going to try to assist as well, but he has notified me that he might not have the time) as they are powerhouses within this industry. We are all going to learn a wealth of information from each other to help one another succeed.

For those that purchase the course, I will be sending emails out to each one of you with a link to the group so you can request to be part of it. Please give up to 1 week after you purchase to receive this email. Let me know if you have any questions about this unique opportunity.

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