Announcing The Medical Cannabis Clinic Course!

Advanced Medical Practice Marketing Course

After I have received multiple requests on how to start a medical cannabis clinic over the past 6 months, I am proud to announce that I have finally created my “How to Start a Medical Cannabis Clinic” course! This course is designed for the nurse practitioner who is interested in starting a high revenue, low expense, and low liability niche side practice.

Even though states are enacting recreational cannabis laws, medical cannabis continues to grow for 2 reasons:

  1. Patients are fed up with pharmaceuticals and want an effective alternative treatment option.
  2. It is a 6-billion-dollar industry!

What does this mean for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur? HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL.

Medical cannabis will continue to gain traction as the medical benefits of the 113 known cannabinoids and dozens of terpenes are discovered. I am excited with what the future holds surrounding this unique plant!

This course is designed to teach a nurse practitioner who has absolutely no experience with medical cannabis on how to open and practice this niche service. This course will provide you EVERYTHING you need to start a successful medical cannabis clinic. I have spent years building a successful medical cannabis clinic, I am now sharing what I have learned to my nurse practitioner colleagues.

This course will teach you:

  • What exactly is medical cannabis.
  • The legalities and risks associated with medical cannabis.
  • Issues surrounding medical malpractice.
  • The science behind medical cannabis.
  • The physiology behind the endocannabinoid system.
  • How medical cannabis works in the body.
  • The difference between all the cannabinoids include THC and CBD.
  • What terpenes are all about.
  • How to recommend and qualify patients for medical cannabis.
  • The process of determining how patients qualify.
  • How to diagnose PTSD, opioid dependence, anxiety, and qualifying patients for other approved medical conditions per state law.
  • How to integrate the science behind medical cannabis into your practice.
  • How to appropriately recommend specific medical cannabis products and their respective dosages for specific conditions.
  • The risks, benefits, and side effects of medical cannabis.
  • How to create a cash only practice.
  • How to market a medical cannabis clinic.
  • How to utilize the consent forms included in the course.
  • How to price your services.
  • How to integrate this with telemedicine.
  • How to SUCCEED and much more…

This course has over 2 and a half hours of video content which includes myself going over a 96 slide presentation covering each topic in detail. There will also be an audio format for you to download so you can learn on the go!

I have also included all the supplemental documentation such as informed consents, patient acknowledgements, and the exam forms that I personally use in my practice. You will have EVERYTHING you need to start your medical cannabis practice. The only thing I cannot provide you is the courage to get started.

If you follow this course, digest the material, and utilize the documentation provided, you can start a medical cannabis clinic in no time. I guarantee that 100%.

This course will be released on April 30th at midnight EST! I am offering this course for just $287 until May 6th at midnight EST… After that, the price will go up to $347 indefinitely. I have decided to price this lower than my Men’s Health and Testosterone Course because medical cannabis was my first truly successful side practice. It can be yours too, if you follow the advice in the course and on the blog. I want to see more and more nurse practitioners build a life of financial and professional freedom! Many of us are doing that right now, so can you!

Put April 30th on your calendar if you are interested in pursing this growing field. There will be countless more breakthroughs with medical cannabis as time goes by… learn the foundation NOW and build a truly niche side practice.

P.S. I have also included 2 free bonuses with the purchase of this course! The first bonus is instruction on how to structure a medical cannabis visit! I personally go over how I see and treat these patients. The second bonus is a PDF handout on how to partner with dispensaries to increase your patient volume and ultimately the money in your pocket.

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    1. Your state needs to have a medical cannabis law in place, but you can do it via telemedicine in some states as well.

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