Announcing The Wound and Foot Care Clinic Course!

After a year in development, The Elite Nurse Practitioner and Heath Tunnell, FNP (owner of a successful and profitable wound and foot care clinic) are proud to announce The Wound and Foot Care Clinic Course! This is the DEFINITIVE guide for the nurse practitioner looking to open their own Wound and Foot Care Clinic or to simply integrate these services into their practice!

This course is designed for the nurse practitioner who is looking for the training and information necessary to open a clinic specializing in the treatment of wounds and foot issues or for the nurse practitioner who wants to integrate this service into their already established practice! This course will cover 90% of the problems you would ever encounter when it comes to wound and foot care.

Did you know that 2% of the American population suffer from a chronic wound? Did you know that Medicare estimates the cost of managing acute and chronic wounds to be approximately $50 BILLION dollars a year? Listen, the rise of chronic disease and our aging population is fueling the demand and NEED for nurse practitioners educated in providing wound and foot care! So, what does this mean? A great opportunity for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur to start their own practice and provide a VALUABLE service to their community.

Wound and foot care clinics are increasing in demand as our population ages. There are limited resources in many communities and patients are forced to travel long distances to receive ESSENTIAL care that should be available in their homes. Additionally, many clinics who provide these services have long wait times and patients are forced to go without adequate treatment. It is within the scope of the nurse practitioner to provide wound and foot care to their communities to enhance the wellbeing and health of their patients! You are an RN after all right?

Wound and foot care clinics make for a great part-time or full-time practice with HIGH REVENUE potential (Heath makes a healthy mid-six figure self-employed income through his practice). They also make for a great additional service line and revenue stream for the established practice. Any type of practice could deliver foot and wound care, but integrating it into a primary care, direct primary care, concierge care, dermatology, or even a general wellness practice where you see older individuals could prove to be worthwhile. Wounds affect all patient types and having the ability to treat this need will not only improve patient outcomes but improve patient satisfaction and your bottom line.

Wound and foot care can be delivered via the mobile/house call route, in the office, or in other facilities such as assisted living facilities or nursing homes. There are endless possibilities to deliver this needed service for the nurse practitioner entrepreneur. Wound and foot care clinics are predominately going to be an insurance accepting practice and we will cover billing in the course but integrating cash services into it are possible and also discussed in the course.

The best part? This type of practice is CHEAP to start and it has a low barrier to entry. Wound and foot care is a simple service to learn and impliment into your practice!

This course is designed to teach the nurse practitioner who has ZERO experience with wound and foot care the necessary knowledge to get started with this in demand service! This course provides you all the information needed to start your own wound and foot care clinic from the ground floor with step-by-step instruction on a multitude of wound and foot care treatment protocols and the clinical aspects that YOU NEED TO KNOW.

This course will truly provide you the FOUNDATIONAL education you need to get started with wound and foot care today!

You will learn:

  • What wound and foot care entail.
  • The liabilities, legalities, and regulations of providing wound and foot care.
  • The vocabulary and definitions of wound care.
  • The physiology of wound healing.
  • The causes of wound formation.
  • The types of pressure wounds.
  • The types of diabetic wounds.
  • The types of arterial and venous wounds.
  • The types of trauma related wounds.
  • The types of surgical, cancer, autoimmune, and infectious wounds.
  • The various types and anatomy of wound tissues.
  • The evaluation, assessment, and diagnosis of wounds.
  • The foundations of wound and foot treatment.
  • Easy to follow treatment protocols and algorithms in wound and foot treatment.
  • The plethora of different products available to treat wounds.
  • The types of debridement options needed in the treatment of wounds.
  • The aspects of wound complications and infection you need to know.
  • How to document wound care and your visits.
  • The nutritional and preventative measures to provide patients.
  • How to bill insurance for wound and foot care.
  • The steps on how to start a wound and foot care clinic from scratch.
  • Insurance vs. Cash aspects of practice.
  • Practice management, maintenance, and administrative considerations with starting your own practice.
  • How to effectively market your practice.
  • What supplies you need to get started and where to order them.
  • And MUCH more!

This course will also include all the supplemental documentation you need to get started including treatment consents, visit notes templates, privacy policies, treatment protocols and procedures, and more! You will have everything you need to get started today! The only thing I cannot provide you is the courage and motivation to get started (even though you can read the articles on the Elite NP website to help you!).

There are over 4 hours of video and audio content where Heath and I go over a 348-slide presentation in detail. There will also be audio files for you to stream so you can learn on the go!

If you are looking for a high revenue, low liability, low barrier to entry, low expense/overhead, and overall simple practice to start, then you need to take this course! Starting a wound and foot care clinic is a VERY simple practice to start and even an easier service line to integrate into your practice. You could EASILY build a solid SIX-FIGURE part-time practice by providing wound and foot care services PLUS provide an essential and needed service to your community. It is a WIN-WIN situation, and the demand will only continue to grow. Therefore, if you are looking to start a part-time practice, consider wound and foot care!

This course will go live on 1/28/22 at midnight EST and will only be $399 until 2/6/22 at 11:59pm EST. After that, the price will go up to $499 indefinitely. This is a great deal for the nurse practitioner wanting to learn the foundations of wound and foot care or for the nurse practitioner wanting to start their own practice! So, be sure to take advantage of the discounted price during the initial sales event!

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