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The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model eBook

The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model eBook is a program of simple to follow concepts designed to assist nurse practitioners on how they can increase their professional and personal freedom. The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model provides a simple step by step procedure to help you build a financially secure and independent career as a nurse practitioner.

This eBook goes through The Elite NP Model in detail. This 143 page eBook is a straight to the point manual that will assist the nurse practitioner to break free from the shackles of modern healthcare and live a free life.

There are 7 principles that make up The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. Utilizing just one of these principles will benefit your life. The more concepts you implement into your life, the better it will be. If you implement all 7 principles in your life, you will build a life very few nurse practitioners will ever obtain.

1. Maintaining a part-time job: You must always have a job. Maintaining a job will provide you an enormous amount of financial security while you build your side businesses. Your job will support you and your business will be a side project. Never go 100% in on a business!

2. Multiple part-time side businesses: The more businesses you have, the more income streams you have. You are MASSIVELY financially secure. If one business fails, you have another and another to back you up! Plus, it keeps life fresh and new!

3. Avoiding medical insurance: When you accept medical insurance, especially Medicare and Medicaid, you invite a third party into your business. Do you want the federal government in your business? Do you want to rely on a 3rd party to pay you? It’s a hassle! Avoid taking insurance if you can!

4. Operating a cash practice: Open a cash practice. Only accept cash, credit or debit. Take payment right at the time of service. It makes life so much easier! Plus, you can practice how you wish. When you accept cash, you don’t have to follow government and insurance guidelines and protocols!

5. Having low personal expenses: When you have more money coming in than you spend, you don’t need to live paycheck to paycheck. It simplifies your life. You learn to value experiences and love vs material items you don’t even need. You are much happier and mentally fulfilled.

6. Having low business expenses: Start and operate cheap businesses. If you start a practice for $50,000, you will be stressed to the max if it fails. Instead, if you start a cheap practice for $5,000, and if it fails, you won’t be losing that much sleep over it. You don’t need a fancy office space that costs $2,500 a month. A small space in a shopping center for $700 a month will work just as well.

7. Being debt free: If you want to live a life of freedom, you MUST be debt free outside your mortgage. Debt = Slavery. Get out of debt as fast as you possibly can!

These are the principles of The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. Implementing these principles into your life as discussed in the book will benefit your life considerably:

This 143-page eBook will go through each principle in detail and give you instruction on how to implement it. After reading The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model, you will have the knowledge and tools to build a truly extraordinary life.

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Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to build a financially secure life? Are you ready to have more freedom? Are you ready to become one of the few elite nurse practitioners? Then reading The Elite Nurse Practitioner is the first step in beginning your journey!

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Marketing For The Elite Nurse Practitioner Side Business

This marketing eBook is a your resource on how to market a medical practice. It is vital you understand basic marketing if you want your practice to flourish.

Marketing should be the number one function of your business! Remember, marketing is the most important part of your business. You must market your new practice if you want to succeed. If you do not market your new practice, it will not succeed. People must know you exist!

By implementing the simple marketing concepts within this eBook, you will increase the success of your side practice significantly.

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