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Capitalize On Yourself! Don’t Let Others Capitalize On You!

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There is a phenomenon within the nursing profession that truly saddens me: the registered nurse and/or the nurse practitioner being capitalized on. Yes, being capitalized on…

My nursing sisters and brothers have been taken advantage of by sharks within our healthcare system for a very long time. We allow OTHERS to capitalize on OUR HARD WORK. I am sick of it because it shouldn’t be that way! Listen:

You are strong.

You are beautiful.

You are powerful.

You are intelligent.

You have skills.

You have fortitude.

You have compassion.

So, why let others profit off that?

Why let others profit off you? Screw that… YOU PROFIT OFF YOU!

It is time for nurse practitioners to begin the process of capitalizing off themselves instead of allowing others to do so.

You will NEVER reach true professional, financial, or personal fulfillment by allowing others to capitalize on you. This is basically called working for others and it stagnates your growth. I understand some people just want to go to work, get a paycheck, and go about their life. But for the ELITE out there, this is NO BUENO! (Unless you are following The Elite NP Model and working part-time as you get your business up and running, that is fine…). Even if you operate your own business, you need to look around and see if there are people profiting off you unfairly!

If you strive for excellence, want to build a business that is special and precious to you, and to reach a level of financial freedom only imaginable by most within the nursing profession, then you need to begin the process of capitalizing off YOU. When you work for someone else or have unfair partnerships and allow others to capitalize off your hard work, then you will never grow and reach your true potential. It will never happen.

You need to walk through this world always having 2 considerations in the back of your mind:

  1. Who is trying to capitalize off me? Basically, who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? (SHARKS!)
  2. Where are opportunities for capitalization?

I have these 2 thoughts in the back of my mind often as I go through my professional life. It allows me to stay away from situations where I know I am being taken advantage of. It also allows me to find opportunities that I can personally capitalize from… Opportunities where I can grow and truly build something special that is MINE, not someone else’s! (Like the urgent care I left… speaking of which, I was working PRN and I just gave that up too… I can’t work for others anymore even in a PRN capacity).

This is how it works:

Does someone want to partner with you? Then ask those 2 questions to yourself.

Do you want to move your practice into a new location? Then ask those 2 questions to yourself.

Has someone approached you with a “great idea?” Then ask those 2 questions to yourself.

Considering a new job? Then ask those 2 questions to yourself

Seriously, it will let you see truth of the situation instead of having the blinders on. It helps you get your head out of the sand and see the situation objectively vs. emotionally. Even when it comes to a new job, asking yourself those 2 questions will reveal just how much you are being taken advantage of and what opportunities are available to you through the job. It will help you stop being everything for everybody and killing yourself in the process!

Obviously, asking these questions is extremely important for the nurse practitioner entrepreneur. Once you fully integrate the entrepreneur mindset into your brain, these questions become second nature. You can see BATTLES that you know are not worth your time and you will see OPPORTUNITIES all around you! You will begin to see just how much you can capitalize on YOU! You will see how investing in yourself pays off 10X more than investing in others.

Seriously, I want every one of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers to walk away from this article realizing that you should be capitalizing off yourself because if you are not, then SOMEONE ELSE IS! Do you want to walk through life enriching and growing someone else like the rest of the sheep, or do you want to walk through life as the WOLF and capitalize on the infinite amount of opportunities around you?

I for one will continue being a wolf. The days of being a sheep are long gone for me and I could never go back. I could never go back to capitalizing others (outside of helping all of you capitalize on yourselves!), instead I am pushing forward knowing that capitalizing on myself is the only way I will ever be truly fulfilled in my role as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur. I suspect this is true for many of you as well.


2 Responses

  1. You make a very valid point Justin. I have turned down so many job offers since I endeavored into entrepreneurship two years ago. I see the opportunities all around me. I maintain my job rounding at facilities just to have extra but even that infuriates me because I know how much they’re capitalizing on me.

    1. Gwen,

      I am glad you see the light! But yes, it is even angering you now because you know the truth. Just give it a little more time and you will leave that part-time job as well! I guarantee it!

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