Clinical Pearl Wednesday #1

I am starting a weekly post on Wednesdays where I will provide a clinical pearl that I have obtained throughout my career. It will be a practical post that is short and to the point. If you wish to submit one on this blog, please send me a message and I would be more than happy to post it!

This Wednesdays Clinical pearl: Do you have a patient with stubborn onychomycosis (toenail fungus) who is seeking treatment? Just have them apply Vick’s Vapor Rub twice daily for 8 weeks to the nail. I had an old school podiatrist tell me this once and it surprisingly works well and is dirt cheap compared to the pharmaceutical topical products.  

5 Responses

  1. A midwife colleague told me to use lemon grass essential oil mixed with my favorite carrier oil and massage in the nail beds. I never heard about the Vick’s. Thank for sharing.

  2. Never heard of this treatment but I work in a rural clinic and most patients we treat are low or on a fixed income. Thank you for sharing this I will happily share this with my patients!

  3. I’ve also heard soaking in listerine. I told a friends Mother this, she told me she’d try anything b/c nothing helped. Said she did it religiously every night for 12 weeks and it resolved.

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