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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #102

Diagnosis Xray Chest Lungs Ribs  - oracast / Pixabay

Have a patient that has presented with pneumonia multiple times over the past 3-6 months? Was this confirmed by chest xray? Do symptoms improve and then return? Then you need to seriously consider including lung cancer in your differential.

Sometimes lung cancer can present as a recurrent pneumonia due to mass blocking bronchioles.

If you have a patient who has presented with pneumonia multiple times over the past 3-6 months, then you need to consider ordering a CT scan of their chest. You could very well save their life if the lung carcinoma is caught early enough!

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  1. 100 % agree with this post to include lung cancer in your differential. This happened to me last year. I was lucky enough to have a typical carcinoid tumor with no metastasis. Left lower lung removed and dodged a bullet for sure ! Also always double check and be on the alert for readings of Lung opacity. This was read as normal a few times on my xray . It was the tumor. !! I ended up following up myself due intuition and had a cat scan.

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