Clinical Pearl Wednesday #117

Todays clinical pearl comes from Heath Tunnell who collaborated with me on The Wound and Foot Care Clinic Course:

Do you have a patient with wounds or blisters on the legs? Does this patient have accompanying severe lower extremity edema? In this case, the first treatment option should be to decrease swelling and/or edema!

This can be accomplished using a multistep approach. Applying ACE wraps or Unna’s boots is critical to effectively decrease the swelling in the legs. Adequate nutrition with supplementation of protein and use of vitamin C and zinc are important to implement as well.

Encourage elevation of the legs while in bed and activation of the gastrocnemius complex (calf muscles) through walking and calf pumps as well.

By following these steps, you can improve the swelling in an effort to treat the wounds. With swelling, the wounds would be difficult to treat and for them to heal.

Use caution when applying the ACE wraps or Unna’s boots in patients that have unstable congestive heart failure though. If not properly applied, this can lead to fluid overload and worsening of the patient’s condition.

For more actionable information on wound and foot care and step by step instruction on how to integrate these services into your practice or how to start a stand-alone part/full-time wound and foot care practice, checkout The Wound and Foot Care Clinic Course before the sale ends!

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