Clinical Pearl Wednesday #122

Knife Scalpel Edge  - Ordigital / Pixabay

Going to perform an incision and drainage on a patient? Are you considering making a standard 1cm incision into the abscess using a scalpel to drain the abscess? Try using a disposable biopsy punch instead!

I have found that using a 3-5mm biopsy punch at a 90-degree angle to the largest portion of the abscess will provide an excellent exit portal for draining the abscess. The great thing about this is that it is large enough to expel the abscess material while leaving minimal scar tissue. It leaves minimal scarring compared to a large incision when the abscess heals! Plus, it is very simple to do compared to making an incision!

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    1. I just learned on the job in the urgent care and ER. Ask to shadow people in an urgent care. You will learn all types of stuff.

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