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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #130

Vaccination Coronavirus Protection  - geralt / Pixabay

We all have ordered tetanus injections on patients who have a laceration, puncture wound, bite (animal or human), significant abrasions, etc., but how many of those Td or Tdap boosters have been ordered unnecessarily because the patient didn’t remember the last time they had their vaccine booster? I would bet quite a few. Here is a piece of advice you should give your patients when they receive their tetanus booster:

When the patient receives a tetanus booster secondary to an injury, have them create a contact in their phone called “Tetanus” and have them put the date next to it. Almost everyone’s phone is synced to the cloud anymore, therefore this contact should remain with them practically indefinitely and makes for a GREAT on the go record of their vaccination status. So, their phone contact list would look something like this:



Tetanus 4/22


If the patient does this, then they will ALWAYS remember their vaccination status and could save on the cost and the visit for a routine tetanus shot.

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