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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #132

Thank You Doctor Nurse Covid  - muhammadrizkyklinsman / Pixabay

Schedule regular follow ups with your patients!

“What Justin?! What kind of clinical pearl is this?!”

Hold your horses and hear me out:

What I mean by scheduling regular follow ups is that you should make it a process within your practice to routinely follow up with your patients to see how they are doing. If you do this, your patients will LOVE it and you will look like an amazing provider in their eyes. You don’t even have to do this yourself; you could have your staff do it. A few examples:

An individual presents with an acute injury and you treat them. Have your medical assistant call them the next day to see how they are doing (this works great for a majority of acute presentations).

You are treating patients with IV hydration/nutrient therapy. Have your receptionist call them the next day to see if they have been feeling better and if they have any questions.

You start a patient on testosterone replacement therapy. Have your medical assistant call them 2-3 weeks later and see if they are feeling better.

By having simple phone call follow ups with your patients, you will not only increase patient satisfaction, improve clinical outcomes, and decrease your malpractice risk, but it will also make you look like a rock star nurse practitioner! Plus it will increase your Google Reviews!

2 Responses

  1. Excellent reminder! Patients live follow up calls because it shows we care and definitely leads to patient loyalty and word of mouth marketing.

    1. 100% leads to word of mouth marketing. It is just a great way to show you care, just like you said. Thanks for the comment!

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