Clinical Pearl Wednesday #148

Natural sources of vitamin B7 biotin

This clinical pearl came from Jenni Gallagher, APRN!

Do you know if your patients are taking supplemental biotin? If not, you really should.

Did you know that biotin interferes with approximately 150 lab tests? So, is biotin a bad supplement? NOPE! Not at all. It just interferes with the testing process for various lab assays and can throw off a variety of results. For a list of the tests impacted by biotin, check out the link HERE.

The general recommendation is to stop biotin one day for every 100 mcg the patient is taking.
I like to keep it simple and just tell my patients to stop it a week prior to their lab draw.

Just FYI: Biotin in food is not problematic – it’s just the supplement because the doses are very high and those doses are not found in foods!

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