Clinical Pearl Wednesday #154

When using an otoscope, are you ever afraid you’ll push it too far into the ear canal? Or afraid the person will jump or shift abruptly? Well here is a simple tip that will alleviate most of these fears.

Position the otoscope in your hand with your thumb pointed toward the base, and your pinky finger nearer the scope end.  Place the scope into the ear canal with your knuckles/fingers touching the scalp. 

This position will significantly reduce the risk of patient movements or surprise jerking motions from children who are easily startled and afraid. 

It is definitely a new skill to learn, but once you’re in this habit, you should be confident that your patient is less likely to be harmed by the scope. 

2 Responses

  1. Love this tip. Such an easy fix. I have been doing this since day one of using an otoscope and it is the best way to learn to use one. Plus, always teach your RN or NP students this, AKA pass it on!

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