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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #164

inflammation of neck muscle.

Most of us are aware of using the CRP, C-reactive protein, the Sedimentation rate, and/or homocysteine for identifying inflammation processes within the body.  However, the white blood cell count is another factor to consider. 

When reviewing lab results, take note of any WBC around 8 109/L or higher are often indications of a more chronic, long-term type of inflammation, especially when you step back and look at all of the inflammation markers as a whole.  A WBC of 8 -12 is not likely to indicate INFECTION but may be quite helpful at identifying chronic inflammation and should be addressed.  

Teaching patients how to reduce inflammation, both in their diet and their lifestyles, can be a challenge. Still, when they understand that those things are impacting their health, it is easier to understand and help them make significant changes to their overall health. 

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