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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #181

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Pregnenolone is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body and is involved in the production of other hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol. Think of it as the “mother of hormones.” As a supplement, pregnenolone is often marketed for its potential to improve cognitive function, memory, and mood, as well as reduce stress and anxiety as it can cross the blood-brain barrier. Some people also use pregnenolone supplements to help with symptoms related to menopause and to boost energy levels.

However, there is limited scientific evidence to support many of these claims, and the safety and effectiveness of pregnenolone supplements are not well-established. Some studies have suggested that pregnenolone may have potential benefits for cognitive function and mood, but more research is needed to confirm these findings. Anecdotally though, I have heard from countless patients that they felt like their mind was sharper after starting pregnenolone. Personally, I notice a difference in my memory and ability to focus if I take it consistently.

It is important to note that pregnenolone supplements can have potential side effects and may interact with other medications though. They may increase levels of estrogen and testosterone, which can have negative effects in both men and women, including breast tenderness, acne, and hair loss. Pregnenolone can also interact with medications such as birth control pills, blood thinners, and hormone replacement therapy itself.

A low dose of 10mg at night though has been shown to provide positive cognitive effects without any significant side effects. 

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