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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #2

Check every one of your patients vitamin D levels with a serum 25(OH)D assay. I live in a very sunny part of the country yet 90% of my patients are vitamin D deficient or flirting with the lower end of the range. Current recommendations are to start with 50,000iu of vitamin D3 a week to get levels into the normal range. The range is very wide at 30-100 ng/mL. From my experience, 50,000iu of vitamin D3 weekly will only increase the levels 20 points at best. Consider using 10,000iu daily instead. I consistently see this increasing patients to more optimal levels of 50-60 ng/ml. Consider dosing with 160mcg of Vitamin K2 along with the Vitamin D to prevent calcification of the vascular system as well.

2 Responses

  1. I agree with prevalence of Vit D deficiency! Good to share knowledge and experience! I would just make sure patients are not on OAC therapy before adding vit K! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more clinical-based articles

  2. Thank you for the tips.It is important for providers to check for this .I had to give reasons back and forth with my provider as to the need during my physical.Guess what,my result was 18,so it is very important to listen to the patient as well.Thanks

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