Clinical Pearl Wednesday #47

Have a healthy adult patient with borderline high creatinine levels between 1.3mg/dl to 1.6mg/dl?

Assess their athleticism. Individuals who are very athletic and carry more lean muscle mass generally have higher baseline creatinine levels.

I see this often at my men’s health practice. My male patients who have more lean muscle mass generally have higher levels.

Personally, I am lean with a good amount of muscle mass and my creatinine consistently hovers between 1.2mg/dl to 1.4mg/dl.

I have sent patients to nephrology per their request and the nephrologist time and time again rules out a kidney issue.

Remember as well, ingesting creatine supplementation can also falsely increase the serum creatinine levels. Therefore, individuals who are athletic and supplementing with creatine could have falsely elevated creatinine levels. I see this all the time…

As always, use your clinical judgement.

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