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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #49

Have a middle aged female with recurrent UTIs? Has she been on round after round of antibiotics but symptoms return? Has she even seen urology?

Consider vaginal DHEA treatment. As females get older, UTI’s can be a symptom of genitourinary symptoms of menopause. This is because estrogen helps produce a form of glycogen in the vagina that feeds good bacteria and helps maintain a necessary vaginal pH for preventing infections.

Several studies have shown that vaginal estrogen is very safe, but some women are still weary of it. DHEA breaks down into both estrogen and testosterone and is an alternative option. It’s been shown to improve genitourinary symptoms related to menopause AND improve libido.

If you have a women in mid-life with new onset recurrent UTI’s, ask about other vaginal symptoms of menopause: dryness, painful sex, and urinary incontinence. If she’s having these, give DHEA a try!

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