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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #72

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Do you treat seasonal allergy sufferers? Make sure you teach them about simple hygiene during allergy season.

Discuss with your patient that during allergy season, they should wash their hands thoroughly when coming indoors to remove the allergies from their hands.

In addition, they should also wash their face, splash the water in their eyes, blow their nose, and drink water. If they are up for it, also have them do a sinus cleanse with a Neti Pot. This will cleanse the respiratory tract and oral mucosa of any pollen/allergens, thus decreasing allergy symptoms.

I have seen many patients that started using a Neti Pot when they got home during allergy season that prevented a multitude of allergy related symptoms. I have personally done it with great success as well.

This simple process takes no more than a few minutes and could potentially help a patient avoid medications.

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  1. Absolutely! I was suddenly draining all day yesterday. I said I was going to fix it last night. I used a Neil-Med nasal sinus rinse w/ packet before I went to sleep. I woke up clear and have only dabbed at my nose once today. It works!

    1. It really does. It is like washing your hands! It cleanses the cavity out and helps prevent those allergens from causing mayhem.

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