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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #85

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This pearl comes from Chris Castello, NP who provides weight loss services for his patients:

Wanting to try a game changing weight loss medication with your patients? Sick of using phentermine? Check out semaglutide, the generic for Ozempic or Wegovy! This recently was FDA approved for weight loss!

Semaglutide is a Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Receptor Agonist. It increases the bodies production of insulin, inhibits glucagon, and decreases appetite. This medication alone usually does not cause hypoglycemia unless prescribed with other diabetic medications, so be aware of this in your diabetic patients. Otherwise, this should not be an issue in the vast majority of patients and is very safe when prescribed appropriately.

Side effects are well tolerated and usually are limited to nausea and mild GI discomfort.

Dosing is simple and starts at 0.25mg subQ weekly and can be titrated up slowly every 4 weeks to the recommended max dose of 2.4mg weekly if tolerated.

The good news? Taylormade Compounding is offering it at an affordable price! Check it out, do your research, and see if this would be a good addition to your practice to help your patients lose weight. I know I certainly will begin offering it to my men’s health patients!

Be sure to check out the Definitive Medical Weight Loss Course for more treatment options to help your patients lose weight!

As always, use your clinical judgement and do your due diligence before integrating a new therapy into your practice!

10 Responses

  1. I am interested in the oral Semaglutide for wt. lose, but I do not find it as you stated (oral dosing). is this something that is available on the pharmaceutical market?

  2. Can you share the approximate cost of this medication, through taylormade, to your practice and how much you would charge your patients for it?

    1. I don’t buy this through Tailor Made. I buy it through Southlake. It costs approximately $199 and I sell it for $350. I charge an extra $20 for the B12, but that costs $7 a vial. So, the margins are great!

  3. Hi Justin,
    How much do you charge for each subQ injection? Do you sell the vial for $350 and just give them the shots for free?

    Can you give me any discount for your weight loss course?

    1. Emmy,

      I charge $350 for the vial and they self administer at home… I don’t want to be giving injections to people as it eats into the time.

      Emailing you for a discount.

    1. If the FL NP is independent and doing primary care, then no. If doing just weight loss, then yes.

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