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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #87

Aesthetics Beautician Woman  - lucas_pego / Pixabay

When you are talking about Botox with your patients, it is important that you never use the term “dilute” when referring to mixing up a vial of neurotoxin. We reconstitute, not dilute the product. Stating that you “dilute” it would imply they are getting a “watered down” product, which will raise concern in your patients mind.

Additionally, it is very important that you schedule your aesthetic and neurotoxin (Botox and its competitors) patients appropriately. Remember, Botox typically takes 3-7 days to work and then results are set at 14 days. Peak action is at 4 weeks, and the effects will gradually wear off from weeks 8-12. Understanding these basic time frames will help you educate your patients on what to expect and help you schedule their follow ups appropriately.

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