Clinical Pearl Wednesday #96

Man doing barbell exercise at gym during weight lifting workout

L-carnitine can upregulate androgen receptors (link – L-Carnitine ) 

Do you have any patients on TRT that are focused on their physical health?  Are these clients telling you that they feel great…their libido is on point…mentally, they feel clear…BUT….their progress in the gym has stalled? Have they reached an athletic plateau?

If so, then listen up.  

We’d like to introduce to you injectable L-carnitine.

L-carnitine has historically been used to mobilize fat for energy expenditure.  L-carnitine works by increasing how much energy the mitochondria of cells expend as well as increasing mitochondrial activity.

About 98% of testosterone in the body is bound to protein, namely albumin.  That means that roughly ~2% of testosterone is considered free.  So, of all the testosterone in your body you really only have access to about 2%.  If you’re trying to improve your physical health, then you really need to maximize this 2% to get full benefit.

When injectable L-carnitine is introduced pre-workout, it can help upregulate androgen receptors in the body.  By upregulating androgen receptors, you are augmenting that 2% of your free testosterone.  

In addition to augmenting androgen receptors, L-carnitine also helps with fat oxidation, reduction of free radicals, and enhances anabolism.  These are all key factors that can aid in muscular development.  Let’s not forget about proper nutrition, progressive overload, adequate sleep, and recovery though!

But, by introducing injectable L-carnitine, we have yet another tool to prescribe to our patients!

You can obtain this from multiple compounding pharmacies and the dosing is typically 100-200mg PRN.

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