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The Elite NURSE Practitioner | Discount Lab Work

Increase Your Practices Revenue By Utilizing These 26 Discounted Lab Panels!

I am pleased to provide these SIGNIFICANTLY discounted lab panels for all The Elite Nurse Practitioner Members and Readership. These discounted lab panels will help you increase your revenue streams as you build your practices!

These are for your cash pay patients mostly, but Access Medical Labs can bill certain insurances just for your information. This is a question you need to ask them because I do not know the answer about the specifics of which insurance companies they can bill. Regardless, you should be operating cash only practices as it is the best way to practice freely and without regulatory burden. These lab panels will help increase your bottom line as they become an additional revenue source.

So, how does it work? Having your patient’s labs done through Access Medical Labs is very simple. The labs can be drawn 3 ways:

Once the labs are drawn, sent to Access, and processed, you usually receive the results within 24-48 hours. It is very convenient for you and the patient!.

Now, for the good part, how much are the panels? The following prices for the labs are what Access Medical Labs bills YOU, the clinic:

Click the button below to download the PDF Document

These prices are amazing for these lab panels. I challenge you to find a better deal anywhere else. I have busted my tail negotiating these prices for everyone. Remember, these are the prices you are charged, and then you can charge the patient whatever you would like for these lab panels. Typical mark up is in the 50-100% range for most cash accepting practices. I will give a personal example from my Men’s Health Practice:

I utilize the “New Male Hormone” panel for my new patients. It costs me, the clinic, $112.50. I charge my patients $180 for this panel. Not a bad profit, right? I also utilize the “Follow Up Male” panel for when I follow up with my patients every 2-6 months. It costs me, the clinic, $45.25. I charge my patients $100 for this panel.

I hope the above example highlights just how powerful this is for increasing your revenue streams.  

Getting started is VERY simple and literally costs you nothing. There are no contracts to sign. There are no obligations what so ever.

Follow these steps:

Visit https://accessmedlab.com/new-account to sign up for an account.

During the new account registration process, there will be a question towards the end of the form you fill out on their website that asks:

“How did you hear about us?”

Your answer will be this code:

Elite – 170

You must enter this code to get the discounts!

After you sign up for the account, you should see the lab test codes in your profile, but if you do not, you will need to ask Access Medical Labs directly to do it for you, don’t ask me because I have no access to this.

That’s it everyone. I hope these discounted labs increase your revenue, profits, and help your practice grow! The process is simple and this can be started in less than 10 minutes!

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