Don’t Let Naysayers Prevent You From Starting a Business

When you begin your journey as an entrepreneur, you will encounter resistance from family, friends, colleagues and strangers. You will be discouraged from many individuals during this journey… Expect it!

Have you talked about starting a new business with people before? Did you experience negativity from people about it? I certainly have… You will hear discouraging comments from many people as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur.

“That won’t work, people are already doing that!”

“Don’t waste your time, no one will pay for that!”

“Everyone has Medicaid around here, no one has the money for your clinic!”

“Why not spend your spare time having fun instead?”

“That sounds like to much work! Are you sure you want to work that hard?”

“Your only a nurse practitioner! You can’t start a business!”

The list goes on… People will try to discourage you. It will happen. Prepare yourself for this.

Why do people try to discourage someone who is trying to better their life? It is because they are jealous you are doing it! Most people lack the motivation to get off their ass and better themselves on their own. To many people in this country expect handouts. People think it should be easy to succeed.

Well guess what? It is not. It takes hard work, dedication, and risk to start a business that succeeds. The naysayers will try to bring you down to their level. This is human nature. Many people do not like to see others succeed. So, what are you to do?

Ignore them like the plague. These comments should be erased from your mind immediately. Do not let people discourage you from pursuing a new business! Way too many people never start a business because of the negative discouragement from others. Don’t let this happen to you! There is little to fear!

When I started my men’s health clinic, there were numerous individuals that told me it would fail in my area. I live in one of the poorest counties in the country. People told me that no one has money here to pay cash for concierge men’s health. Other healthcare professionals discouraged me saying things like “Everyone has Medicaid in this area! No one will pay you cash.”

There were times during the startup phase of this business that I considered quitting because of these comments. But a part of me knew they were wrong. I knew there was a group of individuals who had money… Who owned all the businesses? Who ran the university? Who worked for the government? Business owners, lawyers, professors, healthcare professionals, engineers, etc. have disposable income! I disregarded the negativity and opened the clinic. This side practice is flourishing now. EVERYONE WAS WRONG!

I am opening another location in the next 3-5 months.

Do not let naysayers bring you down to their level. These people are jealous of what you are doing and do not want you to succeed. Distance yourself from the negativity. The discouragement is nothing but bullshit and you should forget it immediately. If you want to start a business, then start a business! The only way to know if it will succeed is to give it a try.

Stay positive, give the new business at least 6 months, continue to work to pay your bills, and focus on the end goal of financial independence. I promise you, if you create a niche side practice and follow the Elite Nurse Practitioner Model, you will succeed.

The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model book will be released in the next 2 weeks. Official release date coming soon. Stay tuned! Those who order the first 2 days of release will receive a free eBook on how to market your Elite NP side business!

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  1. I applaud you in what you are doing and for sharing free advise and encouraging others. Much blessings. In a week or two I am gearing to start one. Is it costly for a website for telehealth and do you need a practice/office to start telehealth?

    1. You do not need an office other than your home office. I would advise you get a PO box or a UPS address for the telehealth business though. A website should not be expensive. I have designed all my websites myself which saves a considerable amount. Many website developers will charge you $1-2k for mediocre work. Let me know if you would like assistance, I could create a website for you.

    1. Your welcome. I have been encouraged to do so by others. I am considering hosting a conference for NPs in the next year, we will see!

      1. A conference would be great!!! Especially with your special brand of grit, I would think it would focus on all the exciting aspects of being a NP!! Why do all conferences assume everyone wants to go into family practice/PCP work…Please keep us updated on this!!

  2. Will you consider doing a post on starting a men’s health clinic? I am very interested in this. I already do BHRT/TRT but I would love to have a side practice for men’s health and see what that looks like in your practice. Keep it coming!!!

    1. There is way to much information to cover in 1 post about men’s health. I plan on launching a course about how to start a men’s health clinic in the coming 2 months though. Keep your eye out for it!

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