“You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.”

Don’t Say “I Can’t”, Instead Say “I am In Trouble.”

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Far too many nurse practitioners say “I can’t.” You know what? This absolutely boils my blood. Why? BECAUSE YES YOU CAN!

“I can’t find a job.”

“I can’t start my own business.”

“I can’t pay off all my student loan debt.”

“I can’t save enough to start my own business.”

“I can’t even fathom the idea of financial independence.”

“I can’t do (insert niche service) because I don’t have a certification or experience.”

“I can’t open my own practice because I need a collaborator.”

I can’t, I can’t, and I can’t…

No, it is not that you can’t, it is just that you are in trouble and need to get out of it.

Never say “I can’t.” Instead say “I am in trouble.”

When I was a teenager, I couldn’t drive my Jeep because the brakes were going out and I had no money.

My grandfather called one day and asked if I could come over to help him with some yard work, I said “I can’t grandpa, my brakes are going out and I can’t fix them.”

Do you know what he said? “Don’t give me that. It is not that you can’t, it is because you won’t fix your own brakes yourself. You are in trouble, and I am here to help.”

Guess what grandpa did? He came over and SHOWED me how to change out my own brake pads and drums. We proceeded to spend the afternoon putting new brakes on that old Jeep.

I was in trouble, and I had someone GUIDE me to the solution. I was giving up on the situation and was going to wait to get those brakes fixed until I had saved enough to pay someone else to do it for me. I said “I can’t”, but I was in fact just “in trouble.”

The same went with starting my own practice. When I was on the East Coast, I told myself “I can’t start my own practice. It is too expensive and I need a supervisor.” My limiting beliefs prevented me from pursuing nurse practitioner entrepreneurship. I gave up. I said “I can’t.”

Let me tell you, if I could go back and slap the old Justin across the head, I would! It wasn’t because I couldn’t start my own practice, it was just because I was in trouble. I didn’t know where to start. I wasn’t spending my money responsibly. I was not taking the appropriate steps necessary to pursue my dreams. I was in trouble!

I pulled myself out of that trouble by reading business book after business book, connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and looking for a job in a full practice authority state. I no longer said “I can’t!” Instead, I looked at all the troubling circumstances occurring in my life that were preventing me from moving forward.

I identified 3:

  1. Living in a restrictive state.
  2. Being in too much debt and not being responsible with my money.
  3. Lacking the knowledge necessary to start a practice.

This was the “trouble” I was in. Guess what happened?

I found a job in a full practice authority state in a rural location out west.

I began to aggressively pay down my debt and save my money.

I learned the knowledge necessary to start my own business through mentorship and books

I GOT OUT OF THE TROUBLE. I took action to get myself out of it. Getting out of trouble just doesn’t magically happen. It happens when YOU do something about it.

When you say “I can’t”, you are just giving up. When the word “can’t” comes out of your mouth, you have failed before you even got started.

Successful people who make an impact on this world don’t say “I can’t.” Instead, they take ACTION to change the world around them.

Do you think Bill Gates said “I can’t” when he was starting Microsoft?

Do you think Jeff Bezos said “I can’t” when he was running into problems with Amazon?

Do you think the folks over at Virgin Galactic said “We can’t” when their spaceship wasn’t operating right?

No, they did not. If they had, you would never have even heard about them.

If your life as a nurse practitioner is not going as planned, don’t give up. Don’t say that you “can’t do” whatever needs to be done to fix your situation. Don’t be the victim and the prey to the sharks in this world. YOU NEED TO BE THE SHARK.

It is 2023 now guys. If you are still being paid the rock bottom amount as a nurse practitioner, then you need to take the appropriate steps to get out of that situation. If you are still living a submissive professional life where no one takes you serious as a medical professional, then you need to change that. If you are bogged down by debt, then you need to get out of it. The number one way to lift yourself up as a nurse practitioner is by starting your own niche side practice or just a business in general. Iam 100% serious on this. It is the ONLY way to experience TRUE professional freedom as a nurse practitioner.

Don’t you dare say “I can’t start my own practice” and let limiting beliefs prevent you from doing so. What you need to be telling yourself is “I am in trouble and need some guidance on how to get out of that trouble.” The Elite NP website and all the articles are here to guide you. The courses are here to guide you. The Facebook Group and private membership is here to help and support you.

As soon as the words “I can’t” creep into your mind, then you immediately need to stop those negative demeaning thoughts and say “I am in trouble. So, what is the next step to fix the issue?” If you do this, you will become a successful nurse practitioner. You will separate yourself from the herd and truly become an “elite” nurse practitioner.

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    1. I love this so much. I didn’t like my financial status, so I completed Dave Ramsey Financial University that help me get out of debt. After that I had the freedom to fund my business. You just have to look at other avenues. Thanks for all your daily encouragement.

  1. I did my first Suboxone patient a few days ago! thanks for the confidence to start a side business. I’m still working full time but hope to build up the business along with my medical marijuana business within the next year. I wouldn’t have had the guts to do it without your articles and the opioid teachable. keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Mary! That is AWESOME! Good for you 🙂 Both of those practices make for GREAT side practices! Keep moving forward and never stop!

  2. I’m standing in line for my occupational license because of your encouragement Justin!! I told my UC boss I’m going PT! I’m excited and scared at the same time.I’ve purchased your first few courses, they’re awesome.
    Thank you Justin for your leadership

    1. My pleasure 🙂 Good for you Judy!!!! Cut down to part time work and live off that income while putting your energies into building that side business! Your business will make you wealthy, not your job! Keep us updated!

  3. What a great story of life with lessons for those who feel they cannot reach their dreams. We all can with the right support(The Elite Nurse Practitioner) and the tools to do so; educational tools, persons who have been there, and someone like Justin to cheer us on. We we say we CAN’T, we already put up a road block to our successes.

    1. Correct. As soon as “I can’t” comes out of your mouth, you have automatically set yourself up for failure! Rephrase that to “I am in trouble” and then figure out how to get out of that trouble!

  4. I love this so much. I am starting my own behavioral health private practice and the anxiety about doing this has been overwhelming. Mainly because so many of my peers keep saying, “do you really want to give up your steady paycheck?” “What about insurance?” All of these questions from well meaning colleagues, essentially paralyze me into doing anything and then another month passes. I have never been more ready than now to act on my dream. You sent an email the other night with interviews of other nurse practitioners and it kept me going down a rabbit of self doubt and I just wanted to let you know how helpful it was.
    What you do is important and I am so grateful for your help and am looking at doing one of your courses?

    1. Hi Larisa! I am so happy to hear the content is helping you out. Listen, DON’T LISTEN TO THE NAYSAYERS. Even if they have your “best interests” at heart, don’t listen. They are jealous and intimidated of what you are doing, which is why you are getting NEGATIVE commentary vs ENCOURAGING commentary. Seriously, don’t listen to them. I practice in one of the POOREST counties in the country and my men’s health practice is FLOURISHING. We are cash only BTW…

      If you are opening a behavioral health practice, I would focus on a few courses: Ketamine (if you are comfortable with this, it could pose to be a VERY profitable service to officer), Marketing (You MUST market to be successful), the Medical Billing course coming out in a few weeks (if you are accepting insurance), or the weight loss course (Obesity is an EXTREMELY important factor with mental health… it falls within your scope to treat it).

      I hope that helps. PLEASE let me know if you have any further questions!

  5. Thank you, Justin! THIS is what professionals in our profession need to hear!!

    I started my own practice this spring after taking some of your courses. I had a very limited budget on a military pension.

    My business has grown so fast. I have never advertised. It has all been word of mouth from my current clients. Nurse practitioners are so undervalued in mainstream medicine, but in private practice we are so needed and in demand!

    I am getting ready to start another clinic specializing in men’s hormones!

  6. Thank you. Trying hard to get past my “I can’t self”. Thank you for the push and the support. These comments are inspiring. Purchased one of your educational programs. I will keep on pushing forward and keep you posted on my success. I know it will happen.

    1. It will happen! You just have to keep pushing yourself and don’t give up… You don’t fail unless you quit…

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