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Elite NP GPO ALERT: New Vendors – Henry Schein, RXNT, and More!

In our constant pursuit of helping our nurse practitioner sisters and brothers build a more profitable practice and free life, The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce the addition a few new vendors to The Elite Nurse Practitioner Preferred Vendor Organization!

  1. We got Henry Schein aboard finally! YES! That means all Elite NP members now have access to discounted medical supplies and pharmaceuticals from one of the industries leading companies! This is HUGE and will surely help everyone who is looking to save a few dollars on their practice supplies!
  2. RXNT is a new vendor as well! RXNT is an eRX application that also provides various practice management software needs. They are offering Elite NP members a discount, so if you are wanting to switch to a new eRX application and/or are needing to streamline scheduling and practice management processes in your practice, check them out!
  3. We have also brought on a skin care product company that provides a large array top branded skin care products to consumers and businesses. The company is called Beautified You and they are providing free shipping to Elite NP members. We are working on getting a large group discount negotiated with them, but they first wanted to see what the volume was like. So, if you are wanting to sell skin care products out of your practice, check them out! The more nurse practitioners that utilize them, the bigger the discount we can negotiate!
  4. Compliance Training Online has also agreed to be part of our organization. They provide employee compliance training for having your employees be compliant with OSHA, HIPAA, and more! So, if you have employees and want to make sure everyone is compliant, then check them out! The courses are affordable and efficient.

If you are interested in signing up with any of these vendors (I would HIGHLY recommend everyone sign up with Henry Schein and Merit as you really need to have multiple medical supplier accounts in this world of supply shortages!), then click the link below and get started! The more nurse practitioners we can onboard, the better discounts we can negotiate in the future!

***If you already have an account with Henry Schein, then follow the instructions on the vendor listing at the link below to onboard into the Elite NP program***

Alright, that is it for now! I am in talks with a couple more compounding pharmacies to bring aboard, including one of the nations biggest ones! So, cross your fingers we can bring them aboard as I think it would help everyone significantly.


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