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Elite NP Preferred Vendor Update!

In our constant pursuit to help our nurse practitioner sisters and brothers succeed, I am wanting to give everyone a quick update on our preferred vendor list.

First, I want to announce a few new vendors who have onboarded with us over the last few months that are offering Elite NP members discounts on products and services to help your practice be more profitable:

  1. Empower Pharmacy: Many of you know, Empower is one of the largest 503a/503b pharmacies in the country. They practically provide everything imaginable from IV infusion products to testosterone and hundreds of products in between. They are providing Elite NP members 5-10% off a variety of specialized compounding pharmacy needs.
  2. PD-RX: This company provides medications for in-clinic dispensing to help streamline your practices services and revenue. They provide software, PDMP reporting tools, prepackaged prescriptions, and much more. If you are wanting to dispense meds easily from your practice, then check them out as they are providing Elite NP a variety of discounted medications. Dispensing medications can improve the bottom line of your practice significantly!

So, if you are interested in signing up with any of our preferred vendors, then you should click the link below and check them out. There is ZERO cost to you and you literally have nothing to lose outside of saving yourself some money in your business.

I also want to highlight our vendor of the month Medmo:

Radiology services can be a hassle to deal with during your busy schedule. Hassling with prior authorizations, insurance navigation (even if you are cash based), patient adherence and more. This means your face-to-face time with patients is lost and that equals lost revenue!

That is why we partnered with Medmo to assist our Elite NP members with all of your radiology needs. Medmo provides you with a personal provider platform where Elite NP members can order radiology services for their patients, then let Medmo handle the rest! This allows you to improve adherence, increase follow-up visits and improve patient outcomes while providing an amazing patient experience.

You’ll order imaging with just a few clicks and Memo will contact your patients, assist them with radiology appointment scheduling, guide them through using insurance or going self-pay, assist with all the prior authorizations and return radiology reports to you all through their state of the art portal. You’ll be able to track each patient’s progress and communicate with the Medmo Care Team along the way through the platform.

Medmo has negotiated cash-pay rates with radiology providers in most states as well!

For more information click here:

A team member will reach out to answer your questions. They are providing their services to you all Elite NP members at a 50% discount!

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