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End of The Year Final Tax Deduction Course Sale and 2022 Elite NP Updates!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to every single nurse practitioner out there who has followed and supported The Elite Nurse Practitioner in 2021. I have big plans for the upcoming year to help all my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers grow, succeed, and make 2022 the best year yet! In addition, we are having an end of the year tax deduction sale on all courses! 

If you are looking for a few more tax write offs before the end of the year to lower your taxable income or if you have some extra continuing education money to spend, then this is the sale for you! Starting now and through the 31st at midnight PST, all courses will be 25% off! Use the code ELITENP25 at checkout on any course you want to receive the 25% off! 

Remember, all valid 2021 tax deductible expenses MUST be made within the current tax year to apply to your 2021 tax return. Therefore, after 12/31/21 at midnight, any business related or continuing education expenses you make will only be applicable to your 2022 tax return, not this years return. So, get your final write offs in while you can or spend that continuing education money before you lose it!  

Now to the upcoming goodies The Elite Nurse Practitioner will be releasing in 2022: 

  1. A plethora of new courses including The Wound and Foot Care Clinic Course, The “How to Lower Your Taxes” Course, The Executive Physical Course, The Hormone Pellet Course, The Medicare Health Risk Assessment Course, The Advanced Thyroid Course, The Genetic Testing and Evaluation Course, The Allergy Testing Clinic Course, The PRP Course, The HR and Employee Considerations for the NP Practice Course, and more! 
  2. The Elite NP Marketing Agency. This will be a full-service marketing agency for all my nurse practitioner colleagues who need assistance with marketing their practice. It will include everything from managing Google/Social Media Ads to SEO to Website Design and more! My goal is to make this affordable and effective for everyone. I am hoping to have this out by February 😊 
  3. The Elite Nurse Practitioner GPO. This will be the ONLY nurse practitioner specific group purchasing organization on the market. We will be partnering with multiple vendors to provide all Elite NP members significant discounts on all their practice needs including supplies, medications, and more. Henry Schein is our first major vendor to sign up plus we secured Southlake Pharmacy as our preferred compounding pharmacy! So, keep your eyes out for this. I hope to have it complete and out by February-March!
  4. The Elite Nurse Practitioner Podcast: Your Guide to Financial Freedom and Entrepreneurism. This podcast will be one on one conversations with nurse practitioners WHO NEED HELP. We will talk about everything from starting a practice, growing a practice, and obtaining financial independence. I will also interview successful nurse practitioner business owners and experts on all matters regarding nurse practitioner entrepreneurism. 
  5. ANCC CME Credentialed Provider! Yes! FINALLY! We are going through the process of obtaining our CME provider credentials with ANCC so we can offer CME on all of our courses (these apply to all state BONs, the ANCC, and the AANP). Keep your fingers crossed they award this to us (I don’t see why they wouldn’t). We will know by the end of February but sometimes it can take many months to receive the approval. No worries for current Elite NP students though, you will be able to back track the courses you already have to get some CME 🙂

I am busting my ass to help everyone out there succeed. So, now it is time for you to take control of your life and make 2022 the best year you have ever had! 

Remember, ALL COURSES are 25% off until 12/31/21 at midnight PST. Use the code ELITENP25 at checkout to receive the discount. Get that last tax write off before the end of the year 😉 or use those final continuing education dollars.

I hope all of you have a blessed New Years and I will see you guys next year with the launch of Episode #1 of the Elite Nurse Practitioner Podcast and The Wound and Foot Care Clinic Course. Stay tuned! 

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    1. Thank you! I work my tail off… But with propert time management, it is totally doable. The GPO will be awesome!

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