FINAL DAY for The Fertility Clinic Course!

Reminder: This course will be on sale until tonight at 11:59pm PST for only $349! After that, the price will increase to $499 indefinitely. That is a $150 savings, so be sure to scoop up this deal before the sale ends tonight if you are looking to learn about infertility care and how to integrate it into your practice!

To recap:

In collaboration with Tara Bradner, DNP, The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce The Fertility Clinic Course, The Elite NP guide on how to start an infertility clinic and/or integrate fertility management into your practice! This course is the definitive guide for the nurse practitioner who is interested in learning how to provide fertility care that is within the scope of the nurse practitioner PLUS on how to start a stand-alone fertility clinic OR integrate it into your practice. The information in this course compliments a variety of different practices including Functional Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, General Wellness Clinics, Primary Care, and more! This is a service that is in demand with a low barrier to entry and little competition. With that said, I am very excited to finally get this course out to my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers!

Did you know that 20% of individuals trying to conceive will run into infertility problems? Did you know that it is one of the most common diseases for people between the ages of 20-45? Essentially, infertility is a large silent problem amongst individuals trying to have a baby. For this reason, infertility care and fertility optimization are estimated to be an $8 billion dollar market that is predicted to grow. What this means is that the DEMAND is high! And guess what? It is a fairly untapped market with little competition… especially in the telemedicine space!

Infertility strikes both men and women in fairly equal proportions. Therefore, the market is diverse for the astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur. Infertility care can be integrated into any type of practice, especially if you are providing hormone replacement therapy services! It makes for a fantastic complementary service to a wellness practice but can also make for an amazing standalone practice!

The majority of the initial workup and treatment options are predominately laboratory based diagnostic medicine and medication management; therefore, it can be done remotely in many cases and falls within the scope of the majority of nurse practitioners! These first line treatment options are fairly easy to learn and to implement into practice, but you need to know when to refer to a higher level of care if those initial options fail, and we will cover that in the course as well!

Starting an infertility and fertility optimization clinic or even integrating this into an established practice is a piece of cake. There is little equipment or supplies needed, it is cheap to start and to maintain, it can be cash based or you can bill insurance (insurance will cover some aspects, but it won’t cover a lot of it), it is very profitable with solid margins, it is predominately laboratory-based medicine, a multitude of treatment options can be prescribed by a nurse practitioner, it can be done via telemedicine, and it is in high demand. Bottom line: this is a LOW barrier to entry service line and practice to start!

This course is designed to teach the nurse practitioner who has ZERO experience with infertility care and fertility optimization on how to provide fertility care to both men and women! In addition to the clinical components of fertility care, this course will teach ALL the business components of starting a fertility practice and/or how to integrate this service into an established practice. You will walk away empowered to provide fertility care to your patients and to integrate this service line into your practice, I guarantee it!

You will learn:

The risks, liabilities, and legalities of fertility care.

The myths and facts surrounding infertility.

The care for both men AND women.

The signs and symptoms of infertility amongst men and women.

The initial evaluation of the infertile patient.

Diagnosing a variety of causes of infertility.

The laboratory and radiologic testing surrounding infertility care.

When to refer the patient to a higher level of care.

A variety of infertility treatment options that can be prescribed by the nurse practitioner.

The medication management of infertility care.

Lifestyle management to improve fertility.

Secondary disease processes that can contribute to infertility.

How to optimize fertility for the patient desiring to conceive.

The multidisciplinary approach to improving fertility.

How to start a fertility clinic from scratch including all the business formation steps necessary.

How to integrate this into a telemedicine practice.

How to price services for cash pay and how to bill insurance if desired.

How to market a fertility clinic.

Where to order labs and medications.

How to succeed and more!

PLUS, this course will award 7 official CEU hours with 2 of those hours being designated as pharmacology hours to help you stay up to date with your certifications and licensure!

There are over 5 hours of video and audio lecture where Tara and I cover a 180-slide presentation in detail. There will also be streaming audio so you can learn on the go!

Additionally, this course will provide all the practice documentation you need to get started with providing fertility care in your practice. This course will include informed consent forms, intake forms, privacy policies, telemedicine consent, and a superbill template. This course will provide you with everything you need to know to get started!

If you are wanting to start a high demand and low competition clinic that is in demand, then seriously consider opening a fertility care clinic! If you are looking for an additional service line to complement your current practice, then infertility management and fertility optimization is a no brainer service to provide, especially if you provide hormone replacement therapy. This service line is both profitable and awarding, so, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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