“You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.”

FINAL DAY On The 25% Off Labor Day Course Sale!

Wow, this has been the best sale to date for Elite NP. I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the support everyone. I truly appreciate it. With that said, the 20 codes I activated yesterday are almost gone so I activated a dozen more. There are 18 codes left for the 25% off Labor Day course sale!

The sale will end tonight at 11:59pm PST or until the rest of these codes I i just activated are used up! They are first come first serve!

All courses will be 25% off! Simply use the code NP25 at checkout on EACH course separately to receive the discount. This code CANNOT be stacked on top of course bundles just FYI.

So, buy a course or two and learn a valuable niche skill that will not only enhance your clinical practice, but could also increase your practices revenue. PLUS, earn CEU so you can stay up to date with your certifications and licensure! A true win-win!

Remember, all Elite Nurse Practitioner courses cover the “what you need to know” about a specific clinical niche in addition to the business knowledge necessary to start your own practice or how to integrate it into your current practice. We skip the “fluff” that fills so many other courses so you can get started ASAP.

Listen, every nurse practitioner out there is powerful and truly worth more than what the “established” healthcare system says you are. You do NOT need to settle for a measly $55 an hour job. You are worth 3-4x that amount, but the only way to achieve that is by taking ACTION and developing a strategy to achieve that goal. That is exactly what our courses help you with. This is not a dream; this can be a reality if you just put the work into it, overcome your fear, and follow a proven model. I have done it, and so have hundreds of other elite nurse practitioners! We have created a movement for nurse practitioner financial and professional freedom over the past 3 years! So, become part of that if you haven’t yet!

I also want to give everyone a heads up on a couple upcoming courses that we currently have in development. These courses should be released over the next 4 months (hopefully!):

The Medicare Home Risk Assessment Practice Course (Finally!)

The Asset Protection Course (Super excited about this one!)

The Foundational Functional Medicine Course (This will be AFFORDABLE!)

The Orthopedics for the Nurse Practitioner Course (One of many clinical CEU courses we have planned!)

The Comprehensive Diabetes Management Course (Another clinical CEU course!)

So, keep your eyes open for the announcements on these courses! They are all going to enhance the nurse practitioner profession at an affordable rate! Plus, they will award you some CEU hours!

Until then though, snatch up one (or three) of the currently available courses as the sale ends tonight at 12:59pm PST! Use the code NP25 at checkout!

God Bless, and I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend with their family!

With Love,

Justin Allan, NP

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