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Finance Tip Friday #66: 5% Return with Bonds!

High angle shot of dollar bills and a piggy bank on a yellow surface

Looking for a great 5% return on your money? Look at the 6- and 12-month U.S. Treasuries right now!

Yes! These are providing a yield of over 5% now. That is crazy good for unpredictable times like right now. That means that if you put $100,000 into one of these treasuries, you would receive $5,000 for free in interest payments yearly. That is a solid return and is practically RISK FREE!

Even look at the 2-year treasuries, they are well over 4.5% which is solid as well.

You should strive to achieve at least a 4% return on your money. Obviously we would like to see 6-10%, but sometimes that is not realistic and usually comes with HIGH RISK. If you are somewhat risk adverse, then consider purchasing some U.S. Treasury notes and bonds as interest rates continue to rise. I know I am putting a lot of my investment dollars into this right now as the stock market continues to be unpredictable.

FYI: You can purchase bonds through any brokerage account (Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, etc.). It is typically pretty easy to do and if you need guidance, you can always ask a representative with those brokerages to assist you.

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