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Focus on Tomorrow, NOT YESTERDAY

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Yesterday is not here to pat you on the back. Did you finish your website? Did you finally get your consents put into your EMR? Did you finally sign your lease? Did you finally make your first monthly $10,000? GREAT, but yesterday doesn’t care. All that matters is tomorrow. You must ALWAYS be focused on what is next for long term success.

Satisfaction and contentment in business = Stagnation and a slow and steady decline.

Just because you finally became “successful” from the actions you did yesterday, does not mean that success will continue. Success is never EARNED, it is only BORROWED…

Tomorrow doesn’t care about you. The world doesn’t care about you. Your success is only temporary… If I stopped writing my weekly articles and producing courses for my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers, I would slowly be forgotten. My success would fade. Instead, I am ALWAYS focused on what is next.

If I stopped seeing new patients at my men’s health practice because I became content with where I was at, do you think the success would continue? For a short time… but patients move. Patients drop off. My patient volume would slowly dwindle in time. Instead, I am ALWAYS marketing. I am ALWAYS seeing new patients. I am focused on tomorrow.

If you do not focus on tomorrow, someone else will.


With nurse practitioner schools pumping out more and more graduates, our market becomes more and more saturated. What does this mean? COMPETITION.

Do you want to the be the most successful nurse practitioner entrepreneur you can be? Then you must never become content or satisfied. You must focus on what is next. You must focus on tomorrow. Your past achievements mean nothing. Yesterday is gone…

Tomorrow doesn’t care about your DNP. Tomorrow doesn’t care about how you opened a successful practice. Tomorrow doesn’t care that you lost 10 pounds. Tomorrow only cares about WHAT YOU BRING TO IT! Tomorrow cares about your PLAN FOR IT.

Society wants you to believe that your past achievements mean something. While they do to an extent, tomorrow doesn’t care. Society wants you to be complacent. Society needs sheep. Society needs work horses. This is why focusing on yesterday is ingrained in us.

Do any of you have old high school friends that always talk about these great things that happened in high school? The state championship that was won? The awesome graduation party that happened? How great prom was? They are stuck in the past. Their life hasn’t changed. They are stuck in the same old town talking about the same old shit. Tomorrow doesn’t care about them, because they don’t care about tomorrow! Yesterday is still what guides their life.

Your graduate degrees, your education, your certifications, and your academic achievements really don’t matter. Tomorrow doesn’t care. While these items are a requirement to be a nurse practitioner and the education helped shape your mind to succeed tomorrow, it still doesn’t give you the automatic pass for success. You have to focus on what is next. You have to focus on HOW you are going to use your tools to reshape the world tomorrow. You need to focus on the processes to obtain your goals. This is focusing on tomorrow.

Why is focusing on what is next so important for the nurse practitioner entrepreneur? Because it will keep you one step ahead of your competition. It will help build redundancy in your life.

Ultimately, it is what will make you a WINNER. It is what will bring you SUCCESS.

How can you focus on tomorrow then as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur? What should you focus on?

Marketing– Never ever stop marketing. You need a constant new stream of patients to grow your business. The day you stop marketing, is the day that your business stagnates (word of mouth happens, but your business will never grow like it could if you were advertising correctly).

Investing – Never stop investing your money. You can either invest it back into your business or invest it into other income producing sources like rental real estate, stocks, etc. Regardless, make sure you invest in some passive income streams.

Your next project– Never become complacent with just one service line, one investment account, one income source, or just one business. I own 5 businesses and will be opening a Jersey Mike’s in the next 3 months with plans on another location in 12 months. Your next project is how TOMORROW pays you back. It is how you because ultra-successful. It is how you become one of the elites.

Education– Never stop learning. Take courses. Learn new niche services. Learn how to grow your business. Learn how to invest. Learn how to be the best mother or father you can be. Always be improving yourself. You need to do this to make tomorrow better than today.

Always be focusing on tomorrow. Never become content or satisfied. When you do, you will stop caring as much. You will stop putting the work in that is needed to grow and succeed for the long term. Far too many nurse practitioners become content halfway through the process. This prevents them from being the true winner. They let yesterday define their tomorrow. Never do this! Always be looking ahead. You are never finished when it comes to business!

Tomorrow doesn’t care about you… Therefore, you must care about tomorrow to succeed.

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  1. It’s always a delight to read your write ups. Thanks for always looking out for your colleagues 🙏🏽

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