Give Yourself Deadlines

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Do you find yourself having problems with procrastination? Do you find it difficult to just get “things” done in a timely fashion? Then give yourself a deadline!

Giving yourself a deadline will give you an end point for whatever task it is you need to achieve. If you do not give yourself a deadline, then you will aimlessly stumble around when trying to achieve a goal.

When I am developing content for The Elite Nurse Practitioner, I give myself a hard deadline. When I am creating a course, I give myself a date for when the course must be FINISHED and then I give myself another date for when I will release it. This FORCES me to get the job done.

The same can go with starting a business or growing your current one. The entrepreneur who just says “I will open my practice in the next 2-3 months” will be the entrepreneur who will never open the practice or open it very late because they will take their time with it. The entrepreneur who says “I will add that new service to my practice next month” or “I will look into that new marketing strategy next week” will never scale their business.

This is the wrong way to go. This will lead to analysis paralysis as it will give you more time to “think” and continue to do “things” that are not necessary to open or to scale your business. You MUST give yourself a hard deadline. It will FORCE you to get the job done.

Managing your time can be difficult, especially if you are juggling around family, a job, and your business. Life happens and you can get sidetracked. When you have a deadline though, then the chances of becoming sidetracked become less and less. It FORCES you to focus on your objectives.

Remember when you were in school and had papers due by a certain date? I am sure most of you made sure that paper was finished by the due date, even though it could have been a scramble done the night before! Regardless, you got the job done! This is why it is important to have deadlines… You have to do the same in the real world and in your business.

Give yourself “due dates” in your business and professional life. It will increase your productivity and force you to take ACTION.

Action leads to success.

Procrastination and worry lead to inaction.

Remember that.

Here is a quick tip:

Whenever a task crosses your mind, write it down and then assign a due date to it IMMEDIATELY.

I do this frequently. If I am in the shower and an idea for an article crosses my mind, I write it down as soon as I am done and then assign a due date to it.

Let us use this article as an example. My task and due date looked like this:

Elite NP blog post: why deadlines are important, due 1/5

I then input all these tasks and due dates into my calendar on my phone in addition to making post it notes that I slap on my computer monitor. You clean freaks would be appalled with the condition of my office! But hey, it works for me, and that is all that matters.

The trick with giving yourself a deadline is that you must put that task and associated due date somewhere that you will see it often. That is why I like having post it notes on my computer monitor. I am forced to see it. You will also see it when it is on your phones calendar.

This doesn’t need to be a long article. If you want to succeed quickly, then give yourself deadlines. It will FORCE you to get the necessary tasks finished in your professional life.

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