Help Us Build the Only Nurse Practitioner Specific GPO!

As part of the mission of The Elite Nurse Practitioner in helping nurse practitioners from across the country succeed, we are diligently working on building the ONLY nurse practitioner specific Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) on the market!

What is a GPO? In a nutshell, a GPO is an organization (Elite NP) that has negotiated discounted rates with a multitude of various vendors and suppliers. We will be able to obtain the best rates from various vendors and suppliers through the power of working as a COMMUNITY. A GPO can provide significantly discounted rates for supplies, medications, and services by harnessing the purchasing power of a large group.

The cheaper the supplies, medications, and services = the larger your profit margins will be!

If we can work as a community, we can all help each other’s practices and businesses become more profitable, efficient, and ultimately better. We can also pass along the savings to our patients. What does this mean? BEATING THE COMPETITION!

Now, this process is not easy… It takes negotiation and time. I am partnering with another nurse practitioner who has experience with doing this. We both will be working DILIGENTLY on building this GPO up over the next 2-3 months. So, I ask everyone to be patient as this will take time.

Our first vendor to tackle will be Henry Schein! If we can obtain a GPO contract with them, we will be able to provide EVERYONE discounted rates on a multitude of supplies and medications that we all use in our practice! This is the first major vendor of the GPO and more will follow…

Henry Schein is asking us to provide them lists of the most common supplies and medications the Elite NP readership order and utilize in their practice. They would also like to see some practices invoices from the past few months in terms of their supply orders. If some of you could provide those to us, it would be VERY beneficial in negotiating rates. Additionally, we have put together a survey to help us collect data that we can use as LEVERAGE in negotiating with large medical suppliers, pharmaceutical distributors, compounding pharmacies, and a multitude of other various supply vendors and service providers.

So, I am asking everyone to take part of this survey so we can build the first nurse practitioner specific GPO! This is ONE MORE STEP in our fight to break free and build truly autonomous, profitable, and professionally fulfilling careers!

If you have a practice and order supplies and medications regularly, PLEASE fill out this survey. It will help us build this GPO and ultimately help us build up the Elite NP Entrepreneur movement!

Please go to the following link and fill this out. If you have any specific invoices, email me 2-3 months’ worth at It would really help us with our negotiations!

Thank you and God Bless!

Justin Allan

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