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As The Elite Nurse Practitioner grows, it is becoming more clear to me that my mission in life is to help as many nurse practitioners as I can by assisting you in building a life of professional, financial, and personal freedom. So far, I am doing this by providing practical, actionable, and motivational content for you and as of today, The Elite Nurse Practitioner has helped hundreds of nurse practitioners start their own practice. But I want to hear it from YOU.


What kind of content would you like to see?

What article topics would you like to read about?

What subjects would you like to see covered in a course?

What else can I provide all of you to help you be BETTER nurse practitioners?

Please leave a comment! I would love to hear from every one of you!

With Love,

Justin Allan, FNP

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    1. Marketing is a beast, no questions… Digital marketing is changing monthly as well. I will update everyone when relevant marketing aspects come to light. Be sure to review all the marketing articles and the marketing course if you have not done so. We are also working on an NP practice specific marketing service. We are still working on the protocols for it, but it will be a great and affordable services for NP entrepreneurs that just don’t have time to market themselves.

  1. Who can an independent practicing NP hire ?
    Can the NP hire a counselor to work in their private practice to provide therapy services?

  2. Hi Justin I have purchased 3 courses: telemedicine, peptides and marketing. All actionable and relevant, affordable information from a trusted NP. I was able to start my Telehealth weight loss practice in Feb after purchasing the first course. You seem to have a good pulse on what we need as NP entrepreneurs. I wonder how many NPs are going into business for themselves compared to past? What acceptable resources are there for keeping up with changes in practice? I’m thinking about when DEA changes in person rule for controlled substances? How will I know in a timely manner?
    Thanks for your excellent courses and info!

    1. Debra,

      Just make sure you stay subscribed to Elite NP for updates in that regard. Trust me, as soon as I hear about big changes like the DEA/telemed restrictions, I will update EVERYONE!

      I do think more NPs are venturing out on their own… I am definitely a reason for that but I think the biggest underlying issue really is the system itself. People are sick of being taken advantage of! The only way to earn what you are worth is to venture on your own.

  3. I think the BIGGEST challenge for me as a new NP is the credentialing process in the midst of this pandemic. With clinical being cut short and having a choppy clinical experience, I think a lot was missed that would have meant more if we actually were in class not zoom.

    1. Yes, the credentialing process can be tedious for the new NP! Our upcoming board review course actually has a bonus course included in it that talks about how to survive your first year as an NP and goes over the basics of credentialing. What is the biggest problem you are having though with it?

    1. Paula,

      I just use Simple Practice for my men’s health practice. I do not use a billing service as I am CASH only. If you are going to bill insurance, you really should just do it yourself to increase your bottom line. It is very simple to do on your own! Check out the courses for more detailed instruction.

  4. Hi Justin- first I want to say thank you for all you do- I find much of your information helpful and your classes are to the point without a lot of wasted information. I have my own mental health medication management practice and I am also expanding into aesthetics. What I have difficulty with is getting myself out of my business and have it more on autopilot. I am great if I am working but I want someone else to do the work without the hassle of employees- the time factored in for that seems like I can just work myself and avoid the headache. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Tamara!

      I understand where you are coming from. There becomes a point where the NP entrepreneur will need to hire out help our they will go absolutely crazy from the work load! Be sure to review the article on when to get an employee HERE.

      In terms of hiring someone, it ultimately comes down to what can you delegate out? Usually there is a lot of busy work that comes along with being a practice owner that does not directly generate income. So, the question you need to ask is, what type of non income generating work would be worthwhile to hire out so I can focus on income generating work that results in increased revenue?

      Also, if you really want to scale, consider hiring another NP!

  5. Hello,

    I just found your site a few months ago and am working on completing the IV infusion course so that I can open by own clinic by April 2022. I want to eventually have a full med spa that offers multiple services. I also plan to have a mobile aspect for infusions as well. Any advice for someone doing a combined in office and mobile clinic? Also, in regards to a website, my husband (business partner) wants to develop the site ourselves using the square. In the course you mention square cancels medical practices sometimes, in your opinion, should we start with a different website forum & hire a developer?

    1. Kayla,

      I would avoid Square. They are not medical practice friendly anymore…

      In terms of mobile and office. Be sure you are doing higher volume services in the physical location. Mobile IV works great, but you can see a lot more patients in an office, thus increasing your profits. Otherwise, charge a premium for going to the patients home!

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