If You Want Something, You Will Find a Way! If You Don’t, You Will Find an Excuse!

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As more and more of my nurse practitioner colleagues venture out and start their own niche practice, the more and more I see most other nurse practitioners make excuses to settle on mediocrity.

As the title says: If you want something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will just find an excuse!

Do you want to earn what you are worth?

Do you want professional freedom?

Do you want financial freedom?

Do you want to work on YOUR terms free from the burden of your healthcare administrator and physician supervisor overlords?

Then YOU need to make the change. No one else is going to do it for you.

Trust me here, you will just not magically begin earning $200,000 a year or become financially independent. It takes WORK to change the trajectory of your life.

If you truly want something, YOU will find a way. You will NOT let roadblocks and speedbumps along the way DEFEAT you.

On the other hand, if a goal is not that important to you or you are happy with mediocrity, then you will just make an excuse and be like the other 90% of your colleagues: accepting low ball salaries and letting OTHER peoples objectives, intentions, and goals shape THEIR dreams through YOUR blood, sweat, and tears.

It is time for more nurse practitioners to understand their worth and begin demanding equal pay for equal work. How is this done? Sure, you can lobby and protest… or hope the AANP or ANCC will come to the rescue… But you know what you can do RIGHT NOW?

Start your own practice and/or business.

Demand a salary increase or walk away.

Consider moving to another area where they VALUE nurse practitioners (yes, they exist).

Any one of these options will almost instantly improve your professional and financial life. I GUARANTEE it. I went from slaving away at a job I hated (urgent care seeing 80 patients a day and seeing my soul slowly be sucked out of me) to being financially independent in just 3-4 years. I was SICK of making excuses… My freedom became so important to me, that I found a way to break free from the rat race. It was hard but it was worth every minute of the process.

Even those with already established nurse practitioner businesses are making excuses! I see it daily over on the Elite NP Facebook Group

“I can’t grow because I don’t have the time.”

“I am tired but don’t know how to hire employees.”

“I am sick of spending money on marketing and seeing no results.”

“I am scared of integrating new service lines into my practice.”

And so forth and so forth… Even if you are an established nurse practitioner entrepreneur, you need to stop making excuses. You need to kick that ass into gear!

If you truly want your business to work for YOU (not you working for it!), then you will find a way to make that happen.

If you want to have more of the most value thing in this world (time), then you will find a way to get back more of it!

If you want you and your family to be financially independent, then you will find a way to invest more of your money and get it working for you!

I could go on for days and days on what is important and what common excuses are, but I will save you from that because everyone’s goals are different. Everyone’s life circumstances are different. All I know is this though:

If you desire nurse practitioner freedom, then you will have to EARN it through hard work. If starting a business was simple (it is easier than you think though), then everyone would be doing it.

If growing a business so it works more for you were easy, than everyone would be sitting around and having others work for them… but there would be no more workers, right?

There are 2 predominant traits that the nurse practitioner who wants to escape the rat race of their job or even their business need to break free:

  1. A tolerance for risk.
  2. The ability to logically think through problems and develop a solution. NOT AN EXCUSE!

If you can tolerate small risks and have the willpower to develop solutions rather than give up, then you are golden.

Remember, FAILURE is only FAILURE if you give up. Otherwise, it is just an experiment. I want you to engrain that quote into your mind. Once you begin making excuses and give up, then yes, you have failed. But as long as you continue to work on the problem and develop a solution, then you are a SUCCESS!

I want more of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers to be:

Problem solvers…

Risk takers…

Independent thinkers and doers…

Confident providers who understand their worth…

And stop being people who make excuses and being a victim. That doesn’t help you. It only defeats you.

If you want something bad enough, you will find a way. Trust me, you will. If you don’t, then just make an excuse and go back to your $55 an hour job and make someone else rich.

Every single nurse practitioner reading this can build a life that is only imaginable to them presently. You just need to find a way to make it happen. I have done it, and I know many other nurse practitioners that have… In fact, I know multiple nurse practitioner millionaires. What do they all share in common? The traits I mentioned above:

They are risk takers and they come up with solutions. They DO NOT make excuses!

Now, get out there and change the world around you because once you do so, you will NEVER look back!

4 Responses

  1. This!!! All true and valid points. Also people like to complain because it’s easier than having to take responsibility to change or take a risk. They are scared of failure or of what others might think or say. If everyone they know is doing x, then they are scared to try anything that isn’t x. Being different is scary. Be different, it’s awesome. Stop being sheep.

    1. 100%. PREACH! Stop being a sheep. Think outside the box. Millionaires ARE NOT sheep. Millionares are different. Entrepreneurs are WEIRD. Being different pays off. And most importantly: STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

  2. Definitely inspiring for people who have a desire to be entrepreneurs, and there are some great, hard truths here, particularly for those that are on the precipice of making a change. However, I would just add that being genuinely happy in the job you’re in because you make a tremendous difference in the lives of your patients does NOT mean you are “happy with mediocrity” like “90% of our nurse practitioner colleagues.” I know a lot of NP’s, and by no means are 90% of those I know “happy with mediocrity”. They excel in their roles and are experts in their fields. They are making a difference daily. They are respected by their patients and physician colleagues. Many of them are involved in decision-making and process improvement in their practices. Many of them are compensated fairly. Many of them simply enjoy treating patients and don’t want the added burden of practice management. I 100% support my NP colleagues geared toward entrepreneurship and I love to support and endorse their businesses, but I also value my NP colleagues who rise to the top of their discipline in a more traditional employment setting. Our patients need and deserve both types!

    1. Good points! I just can’t stomach doing a job that I know I am being ripped off for, regardless of satisfication or who I am helping. It affects my internal happiness knowing I am being nickel and dimed.

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