“You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.”

Time and Consistency in Business Are Crucial for Success

Success is determined by 2 main foundational principles:

  1. Consistency
  2. Time

You must be consistent in your endeavors and give it time for them to flourish. This is true with most things in life really.

For example, weight loss… Dropping 30lbs over 2 weeks is not going to happen. There is no magic pill that someone can take that will help them to lose a significant amount of weight over a short period of time. The key to weight loss success is a sustainable diet and exercise program. This is done by being consistent with the diet and exercise program AND being patient. It takes time for long term sustainable weight loss.

Another example is achieving financial independence. This does not happen overnight. God, do I wish it did though… Anyways, this is a long game that requires consistently saving and investing your money over a long period of time. This leads to wealth generation and eventually, financial independence. This takes consistency and time. If you invested your money inconsistently, then you would never be able to realize the power harnessed in compound interest and your investment savings would suffer.

And of course, starting a practice is another prime example. Very few businesses become a success overnight. It takes TIME and to consistently be there to provide your product and service. If you decide to just close the practice down on a Thursday afternoon because you have no patients, then you are not being consistent! What if a new patient walked in with questions 15 minutes after you closed? You just missed out on a new patient who potentially could have referred 10 more to you, which would contribute more to your success.

If you currently own a practice, you must remain consistent to maintain your current patient base and to obtain new ones.

Imagine going to Walmart on a Wednesday morning at 9am and it was closed “just because.” You would be scratching your head. Imagine if their prices fluctuated all over the place. Imagine if the configuration of the store changed all the time. It would be a very INCONSISTENT experience for you.

The same goes with your medical practice. You need to be CONSISTENT. This is a business after all, and patients expect you to be open when you say you will be open or to answer the phone when you say you will. They expect to see the same provider (most of the time), to be given the same medication, and to experience the same level of customer service and care when they present to a medical practice. It is all about consistency.

Just because your marketing campaign is not generating very many patients does not mean you should stop marketing. All you need to do is change a few factors like your target market, your ad copy, etc… The key is that you CONSISTENTLY market your practice so you can slowly build up your patient roster. Again, remaining consistent and giving it some time will lead to a successful practice.

Far too many nurse practitioners I talk and consult with expect their practice will blow up in a matter of 1-3 months. This leads to disappointment and many close their practice before they even gave it enough TIME for it to succeed. Did you know I considered closing my telemedicine practice MULTIPLE times over the initial 6-month period I opened it? I am glad I did not… I remained consistent by continuing to offer services, market the practice, and most importantly, I gave it some time to flourish. I was rewarded handsomely when I sold it.

The average American has a very short attention span. We are also becoming addicted to dopamine rushes where we expect results NOW. Everything is on demand anymore. You can literally press a few buttons and have food at your door and watch any movie imaginable. This type of convenience carries over into the rest of our life. For this reason, YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR MIND SET WHEN YOU BECOME A NURSE PRACTITIONER ENTREPRENEUR. Success does not happen by clicking a few buttons and sitting on the couch.

It takes time to become successful, do you think I earned everything I have over night? I wish…

It took CONSISTENT grind and hustle, and also, time…

You need to accept the realities required for success so you can mentally prepare yourself for what it takes to get there. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight, become financially independent, teach your dog a new trick, or start a business, you need to be CONSISTENT in your efforts and give it TIME.

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  1. I enjoyed your email, I opened my own practice 19 months ago I have seen this practice growing at a consistent pace. I have watched it grow that I have now added 3 other provides besides my self and a specialist as well. This was not fast, and I have been nurturing like you would a child. It is hard but I agree with you that you need to stay consistent with your brand and consistent with your model.

  2. Yes to all of this! I am seeing changes in my practice, albeit slowly. I have been working hard to get the practice up and running and I have fallen into the “RESULTS NOW” mindset and feeling so frustrated. I do not want to HAVE to wait, but I know that I NEED to wait.

    1. Yes, you just NEED to wait… don’t be in a rush here! Results WILL happen as long as you are consistent and persistent.

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