Interviews with Elite NPs: #1

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Greetings my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers,

I am introducing a series that I like to call “Interviews with Elite NPs” where I will interview various nurse practitioners who have utilized Elite Nurse Practitioner content to help build a life where they live on THEIR terms. The goal of the articles in this series is to enlighten many of you that might be on the fence about diving into nurse practitioner entrepreneurship on how possible it really is.

The nurse practitioners interviewed in this series are REAL and have started their practice in just the last 1-2 years. It has been my honor to have assisted these fine nurse practitioners who took the appropriate steps to start their own business and most importantly, had the courage to take ACTION instead of suffering from analysis paralysis.

The first nurse practitioner in the series is Sambo Kakaes out of Florida. He started a wellness practice where he focuses on hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, and IV hydration. He sees patients at a brick and mortar location but also has integrated telemedicine services into it as well. His practice is called Invigorate Wellness and the website is:

He started approximately 6 months ago and has since developed a healthy five figure monthly revenue practice! He is on target to grow this practice to a mid-high six figure practice in 1-2 years by following Elite NP principles, marketing, and staying committed to his goals.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself: How long have you been an NP? What has been your background as an NP? Where do you practice? Where are you at in life in terms of your age, financial goals, or anything else you would like to share with The Elite NP readership to help them understand more about yourself.

I’m a Board Certified ARNP who started in urology and have been practicing for over a year (fairly new). I decided to start my own practice in Florida offering IV vitamin infusions, TRT, peptide therapy and advanced weight-loss. I feel working for yourself will produce more financial growth, leading to high financial goals.

Prior to becoming an ARNP, I started as an LPN in a long-term facility and eventually into skilled rehab. I then obtained my RN and transitioned into the hospital realm and worked on a med-surg floor. From there I decided to become PICC line certified and joined the IV team. I also worked in the ER as an RN.

I am in my late 30s and I want to make over a million dollars a year in the next 3-5 years.

  1. What made you shift your mindset from “employee” to “entrepreneur”? Basically, why did you want to start your own practice?

Starting my own practice was not something I originally thought about doing. What made me make this decision were physicians talking down to “mid-levels.” I got sick of it.

  1. What type of practice did you start and why did you pick the niche service line you chose?

I started with IV vitamin infusions as nobody in my area was offering this service. I then added TRT, peptide therapy and advanced weight-loss to the mix as these are very profitable avenues! I am glad I did! I have increased my practices revenue since offering multiple services.

  1. How long have you been open?

I have been open for 5-6 months and picking up rapidly!

  1. How successful has your practice been so far? If you don’t mind, please share with us some average revenue and expense numbers.

I reached auto-pilot status around the 3-month mark. The first 2-3 months were tough as I was broke, but it got better. I am glad I stuck with it.

Next year if my revenue continues to grow, I project my businesses revenue will be around $700k. Not bad for a solo practice.

My revenue is in the low 5-figure range right now. I am making profit!

  1. What speedbumps did you come across as you started your practice?

Speed bumps are an understatement. I’ve been going through a whoop section that’s continuous! If I let off the throttle, I’ll crash, so I have no choice but to keep riding wide open! I’ve questioned everything along the way. Switched between a few EHR’s, payment methods and other crap. I am finally getting settled down!

  1. What was the biggest personal fear you had to overcome to get started?

The biggest fear I had starting this hole in the wall practice was running out of money as this was my only source of income. I did not moonlight or take loans, I just winged it! And it is working!

  1. Tell us what surprised you the most about diving into the world of nurse practitioner entrepreneurism?

I’ve learned a lot of information in a short period of time. I surprised myself at the accomplishments I’ve made. You don’t really know what you’re getting into until you take the dive. I had lots to learn in a short amount of time as funds were running out fast, forcing me to push harder. This made me focus even more. I wonder if I would be where I am at if I had taken the easy road and took out a business loan. I don’t think so, it would have made it more comfortable which wouldn’t have given me that push I needed.

  1. Did you use any of The Elite Nurse Practitioner content or courses? If so, how did it benefit you?

I have bought all the Elite NP courses which is why I am in the great position I am in! Those courses are reasonably priced and packed with information to steer you in the direction to success. I highly recommend these courses, they more than paid for themselves.  

  1. What are your future plans for your practice? What steps are you taking to accomplish those goals?

My future plans are to grow this into a million-dollar practice and hire people to take over while I pursue other streams of income as the Elite NP website advocates for. The more streams of income you have, the better off you are! I am just getting started! I will continue to market heavily, provide value to my patients, and give it time. I am confident this will blow up in the next 1-2 years.

Thank you Sambo for being the first nurse practitioner to be part of this ongoing series. He took action and took a risk, which is what is needed when starting a practice. Luck had nothing to do with this, hard work had everything to do with it. He “winged” it and the practice is now flourishing in a very short period of time. Sometimes, that is exactly what you have to do… WING IT! As long as you are following the law and are not an idiot with money, nothing awful will happen.

I hope these short interviews will help many of you that are on the fence to finally pull the trigger and dive into the world of entrepreneurism! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and I will have Sambo come and answer them.

If you are a nurse practitioner who has utilized any of The Elite Nurse Practitioner content to help build your practice and you would like to share your story, please email me! There are thousands of nurse practitioners that would love to hear how you got to where you are at today!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I think the key to how you are successful is that you “kept on the throttle!” I’ve see. Too many NPs start and after 3 months throw the towel in as it was too hard, not enough money, felt overwhelmed. I would like to know how long you contemplated opening your own business?

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