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“You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.”

Interviews with Elite NPs: #5

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Greetings my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers,

This is the fifth installment of our “Interviews with Elite NPs” series where I will interview various nurse practitioners who have utilized Elite Nurse Practitioner content to help build a life where they live on THEIR terms. The goal of the articles in this series is to enlighten many of you that might be on the fence about diving into nurse practitioner entrepreneurship on how possible it really is.

Here are interviews #1, #2, #3, and #4 if you have not read them yet.

The nurse practitioners interviewed in this series are REAL and have started their practice in just the last 1-2 years. It has been my honor to have assisted these fine nurse practitioners who took the appropriate steps to start their own business and most importantly, had the courage to take ACTION instead of suffering from analysis paralysis.

The fifth nurse practitioner interviewed in this series is Rachel Headings out of Iowa. She started both a telemedicine functional medicine practice AND a telemedicine medical cannabis evaluation practice at the end of 2020 and is doing very well for herself so far! She has created TWO SEPARATE revenue streams to increase her financial redundancy which is setting her on the path to financial independence. She is providing functional medical services online and has identified her target market as motivated women who want to be empowered about their health.  Additionally, she is making a nice little side income of over $1,000 a month with her part-time telemedicine medical cannabis practice. You can check out both of her clinic’s websites at the and

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself: How long have you been an NP? What has been your background as an NP? Where do you practice? Where are you at in life in terms of your age, financial goals, or anything else you would like to share with The Elite NP readership to help them understand more about yourself.

Hello, I am Rachel, I have been a nurse practitioner for 14 years and have worked in urgent care, ER, Primary care, and urology in brick-and-mortar practices. About 8 months ago I found the courage to become an entrepreneur and decided to start my own virtual functional health practice, medical cannabis card certification practice, and Organo side business.

I am 44 years old, married, and have 3 children. The brick-and-mortar hours were not working for me because they have a set schedule that interfered with my kid’s schedules. When COVID hit and we were left without care for my kids but were forced to continue working, it became clear I needed to make a change so I could be here for my kids. I invested money into the Elite NP Medical Cannabis course and a mentorship to help get the ball rolling. I was able to get the step-by-step guidance I needed to build successful practices. My financial goal was to make back what I invested which I did in 6 short months and continue to expand and grow every day. My goal is a 5-figure monthly income that I can produce consistently. With proper marketing through social media and testimonies/word of mouth, anything is possible.

2. What made you shift your mindset from “employee” to “entrepreneur”? Basically, why did you want to start your own practice?

My mindset was limited when I was thinking about starting my own practice. I hid behind doubt, excuses, and the fear that I did not know enough or couldn’t be successful. I had to work hard at clearing our my limiting beliefs and setting up new beliefs which included telling myself that I have all it takes to be successful. I did this by doing hypnosis, meditation, journaling, vision board, affirmations, and worked with practitioners trained to help clear limiting beliefs.

It was after implementing these strategies that I felt an internal shift towards confidence, feeling worthy, owning my reality, and creating what I want out of life. I listen to my affirmations daily, do my meditation/hypnosis, and focus on gratitude! These are powerful tips on getting your brain to work with you and not against you. I also use Reishi mushroom products to keep my brain clear and my energy up so I can accomplish all the tasks I need to get done each day. I have found with this routine that each day flows with productivity. I am more calm, excited about the day, and feel empowered with each thing I accomplish. I am finding that the more gratitude I have, the more comfortable I feel with uncertainty, which makes more things begin to happen in my life.

Being an entrepreneur has a lot of ups and downs, it is just part of the process. When I have my downs, I try to find little wins to focus on and keep my mind set on things I am grateful for. I also focus on what I can control which are my thoughts and my actions. I have been pushing myself to be vulnerable to put my thoughts and ideas out on social media, tell my story with confidence, and share my talents with others. I feel like these are the steps that have brought me to this point, and I am so grateful. I now have the flexibility to be with my kids and the freedom to work when I want!

3. What type of practice did you start and why did you pick the niche service line you chose?

I decided to do virtual functional health since I am trained as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. My niche is focused on motivated women. I am still gaining clarity on my niche but have been able to attract motivated women to my practice. I also have a virtual medical cannabis certification practice which basically meets with clients to see if they meet criteria to qualify for the medical cannabis card. It is a simple seamless process, and my clients are so grateful.

4. How long have you been open?

I have been open for 5 months and gaining more and more clients daily.

5. How successful has your practice been so far? If you don’t mind, please share with us some average revenue and expense numbers.

I invested $10K for my mentorship and made that back in 6 months. The medical cannabis business was a $600 investment to get my LLC, the Elite NP class, and my website. I have generated $20k in revenue in the last 4 months in my functional health practice and well over $1K/month in my medical cannabis practice. I am hoping this takes off even more in the near future as I work on getting my marketing going. I also get revenue from my online supplement store called Full Scripts and Organo business.

6. What speedbumps did you come across as you started your practice?

There are many ups and downs; learning all the little details of technology, social media, and business strategies have been a big learning curve. I hired a virtual assistant to help with the technology side and social media posts. This was a game changer and took a lot of stress out of my life. 

7. What was the biggest personal fear you had to overcome to get started?

Fear of failing and the fear that I didn’t know enough.

8. Tell us what surprised you the most about diving into the world of nurse practitioner entrepreneurism?

How good it feels. I feel so empowered every day knowing that I am working towards creating my own reality and it feels so good. Before I was scared and didn’t want to let go of my stable income. I didn’t feel safe, but now I feel so motivated and happy to continue working on my businesses. My kids have noticed how happy I am, it spills over into all areas of my life.

9. Did you use any of The Elite Nurse Practitioner content or courses? If so, how did it benefit you?

Yes, the Elite NP Medical Cannabis course gave me a foundation to start from and helped me start my practice.

10. What are your future plans for your practice? What steps are you taking to accomplish those goals?

My future plans are to continue to grow and expand. I have lofty financial goals and would like to provide enough income for my husband to cut down to part time at his job. I feel so fortunate to have multiple areas of revenue coming in each month. I will continue to make connections and promote my services on social media. I am also planning on targeted marketing strategies to boost my business. My virtual functional health practice is targeted for quality vs quantity and I have found this to be a good strategy to keep me from becoming overwhelmed. I want to continue to serve from a place of abundance, not sustenance. 

Rachel created TWO side businesses at the SAME time! If she and I can do it, anyone can do it! Having multiple income streams is the FASTEST way to financial independence and financial security! Great job Rachel! And thank you for all the motivational and enlightening commentary in the interview. I love to see so many nurse practitioners getting out there and reshaping their future instead of waiting for that “perfect job.” No one can do it but yourself! Step number one is to pick the service and take the steps necessary to get started!

If you or someone you know has started their own business and would like to be a part of this series, please email me at! Thank you for reading! I hope this article helped spark the fire of motivation in some of you to get started 🙂

4 Responses

  1. I am interested in starting a telemedicine medical marijuana clinic; however, it is currently illegal in my state.

    I am interested in the course but was unsure if there be any issues with starting a telemedicine clinic in a state where medical marijuana is legal. (I know I’ll need to be fully licensed in the states I choose to practice.)

    1. Greetings Lize,

      There is no issue for you doing this. Simply just obtain licenses in those states and begin seeing patients. Just ensure you are following the appropriate process for each state. You can do this telemed in multiple states including NV, Maine, MD, IA, VA, and NY!

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