Living by Default or Living by Design

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Far too many nurse practitioners just live by default. What do I mean by this? I mean that the average nurse practitioner is just going along with the flow of things. They are accepting the reality around them as the “default” way to practice and live. Essentially, they are just following the crowd of other nurse practitioners and accepting the current practice environment as the “norm.” This is no way to live… If you truly want to be “elite” and in the top 10-20% of nurse practitioners, then you need to live by DESIGN instead!

Living by design means that you are living your life according to a plan to achieve your goals and purpose in your professional and personal lives. THIS is how you build a SUCCESSFUL and PROSPEROUS life. Living by default means you just take what is given to you, which unfortunately are the scraps left over after healthcare administrators and greedy physician collaborators take their portions first. Forget that nonsense! YOU should be compensated fairly for your productivity, not the other way around!

I want all of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers to live a life by design instead so every single one of you can push forward in building an autonomous and free life.

Accepting $50 an hour with no benefits is living by DEFAULT.

Being forced to work 50-60 hours a week and not being paid for the extra hours is living by DEFAULT.

Going into massive amounts of consumer debt is living by DEFAULT.

Thinking that you need to obtain more and more degrees and certifications to become successful is living by DEFAULT.

Being forced to practice under the eyes of a physician collaborator is living by DEFAULT.

These are just a few ways the system keeps you in compliance with the intentions and plans of those that are over you and control your life. Do not live by another individuals designed plan! Organizations and greedy individuals have their own intentions and interests, and they are likely not in your best interests!

Starting your own niche practice, setting up a financial investment plan, living below your means, and staying persistent with YOUR plans is living a life by design. Trust me, you will never look back once you begin down the path of design.

When I was working urgent care in a restrictive state, I was living by default. I thought “this is just the way things are” and accepting it for what it is. I did not know there was another path until I had enough of being overworked and learned from mentors of alternative and more prosperous ways to live.

I created a plan, found a job in an independent state, and MOVED. This was living by design.

I started my own niche practice within months of moving to an independent state. This was living by design.

I opened multiple practices within 2 years. This was living by design.

I paid off my debt by sticking to the snowball method of debt pay off. This was living by design.

I invested my money into rental real estate. This was living by design.

I left the urgent care because I was sick of the unsustainability of modern practice. I planned for my exit and stuck to that plan. This is living by design.

I now have so many plans and goals for The Elite Nurse Practitioner, that I simply lack the time to do it all! This is living by design.

If you are living by DEFAULT right now, I need you to create a plan. Many nurse practitioners are creating plans and then taking ACTION to execute them. They are living by design.

Is your local market saturated? Are you being paid $50 an hour because there are so many nurse practitioners thirsty for work and accepting the default? Then do what other nurse practitioners are doing: getting high paying ICU RN travel work and stashing away ENORMOUS amounts of money. They are living by design.

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Then cut down your living expenses, begin paying off debt, and try to build an additional income stream. This is creating a plan and living by design.

I do not want you to wake up day after day and just accept your circumstances for “what they are.” This is living by default and will set you up for an unfulfilled life where you are helping others execute their plans, not yours!

 The ONLY way to change your “default” is by creating a plan and executing it. Do not wait around for something “magical” to happen in your life. Inaction leads to MORE inaction.

The government isn’t here to fix all your problems.

An employer is not here to fix your problems.

Hell, I am not here to fix all your problems, but I can certainly point you in the right direction and provide you resources to help create the plan. At the end of the day though, it is ultimately up to YOU execute the plan and begin living by design.

Regardless of if you are a successful practice owner or a new grad nurse practitioner, I have a challenge for everyone as we go into 2022: CREATE A PLAN, STICK TO IT, AND BEGIN LIVING BY DESIGN.

Many of you are already living by design, but I suspect there are certain aspects of your life that are being lived by default.

Many of you are living by default, and I suspect you have a plan lingering in the back of your mind that you have wanted to execute to break free.

Wherever you are at in life, go into 2022 with a plan. We have 7 weeks left in 2021. That is plenty of time to identify a problem in your life that is a problem because you are living by “default.” Listen, you have 7 weeks to create a plan to move into a life that is lived by design. That is AMPLE TIME to create a plan to go into the new year with.

You can do this! Now get off your butt and create this plan and make it a point to live by design in 2022.

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  1. I LOVE this! You and others have inspired me SO much! I LOVE when patients say how they wish all their providers were like me or how they wish they found me years ago!

    I am learning my worth, building an amazing dream practice that WORKS FOR ME and is GROWING! I get to homeschool my son and earn a great living with BALANCE at the forefront!

    Thank you for all your encouragement, insight and leadership!

    1. You are very welcome. It sounds like you are getting what you are worth and building that dream life. Keep pushing forward! It will all pay off!

  2. I like your comparison of default versus design. However, some of us live in states that require physician collaboration for at least two years. Therefore we are locked in a situation that requires physician oversight. I cannot start my own business and be independent for the next two years, at least.Any thoughts on this?

    1. Correct, that is an unfortunate default of practice that is outside of your control unless you are willing to relocate or open a telemedicine practice. Therefore, this is something that you need to accept and begin making plans to live by design once that 2 year requirement is met. There is no reason why you can’t start a practice with a collaborator and then after 2 years, go 100% independent. That is still living by DESIGN.

  3. Because of you and your articles, I quit my terrible job, started a lucrative private practice, sold my expensive house, and use the home profit to buy a smaller, equally as useful home for cash! I am much happier living by design. Thank you so much for your selflessness and encouragement in teaching the rest of us how to find the joy and satisfaction you have found.

    1. That is SO awesome 🙂 Seriously, we need to sit down and have an interview for my upcoming podcast. I think YOUR STORY would empower others!

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