“You can get past the dead end. You can break through the ceiling. I did and so have countless others.”

Marketing Tip #12: Be Different!

Box Breakfast Brown Cooking  - filirovska / Pixabay

Think of marketing as the front door of your business. Your customers see your marketing messages and associate your product and service with that marketing message. Therefore, your marketing message is your practices front door!

This is the problem with that front door: most people have the same white door. All you see are the same colored white doors for businesses that provide the same services. Everything looks the same…

Aesthetics: Before and after pictures and pretty designs with the same messages.

Men’s heath:  Body builders or men doing “cool” activities and looking young.

Women’s health: Vibrant happy women being active and looking beautiful.

And so on and so on…

This is what I want YOU to do: BE DIFFERENT!

Instead of having a white door like everyone else, have a NEON GREEN door. Make your message truly stand out. Be risky. Be aggressive. Be creative. Be something the world has never seen before.

Think about the telemedicine practice that started prescribing ED medication online for the first time. Their marketing messages were GENIUS and never seen before… For example, they would have limp cactuses and then erect cactuses for their ad images and nothing else… That company exploded into a multi-million dollar brand within 2 years.

So, think long and hard on how you can make your marketing message different than the competition. What speaks to your target market but is something that everyone else is afraid of saying? If you can figure this out, then you will stand out and your practice will grow exponentially! I guarantee it!

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