Marketing Tip #70: Develop Content That Attracts Potential Customers

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The internet provides quick and easy access to a world of data that you can simplify and present to your target audiences. This is a great way to engage, inform and delight them and get them to trust your expertise as a care provider.

Consider the fact that your field is rife with competition. People have a world of choices available to them, so if your services don’t make sense, they can opt for your competitor without a second thought.

So it’s not enough for your website to have a “Contact Us” button. You must give your visitors a reason to click on it and book an appointment.

The right content can help you do all that and much more.

3 Types Of Content Necessary For Your Nurse Practitioner Website

When people go looking for healthcare services, they are likely to conduct extensive research on conditions and symptoms to understand what’s wrong with them or their loved ones. And once they have a basic understanding of it, they search for a care provider to help them.

When you readily provide them with this information on your website, chances are they’ll choose you alone for help, advice, and treatment. That’s why putting the right content on your website is essential.

Here are a few types of engaging content that can attract potential customers to your practice:

1. Educational Content

73% of customers conduct treatment-related research using search engines. For this reason, it is essential to your inbound marketing strategy for the healthcare industry to generate content that offers prospective patients something of value.

Since you know that flu season will start before you realize it, now is an excellent opportunity to start a blog series that will educate your patients on how to avoid it. You may also send emails and newsletters to let people know when flu vaccines are available.

2. Pain Assessment Forms

Pain assessment forms are a terrific example of content that is both engaging and informative. Before providing their contact information, the patient is allowed to disclose their symptoms as well as any other relevant medical or health information about themselves that may be relevant. In exchange, your website will respond to the issues and concerns they have raised.

3. Video Content

Inbound marketing strategies for the nurse practitioner industry should also heavily emphasize the production and distribution of video content. Studies have found that video content has a far more significant impact than other types of content and a higher likelihood of being clicked on and viewed.

Videos offer bite-sized information, making them the perfect tool to educate your staff and audiences about your processes and services. Using patient testimonials is another powerful way to leverage the effect of video material.

More On Good Content

Marketing collateral has the reputation of being “sales-oriented” or even “pushy.” But not many people know that the most effective forms of marketing are instructive, engaging, instructional, and informational. So create content that accomplishes these goals while displaying your thought leadership. This will take you one step further and solidify your reputation as an expert.

Your relationship of trust with your patients improves when you provide health advice on social media platforms, keep your audience updated with videos, and publish patient-friendly blog posts on your website.

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